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Just one last pic of Titus and his pretty eyes before I have to move onto something else. Can't help myself, Titus and Lucius and the slashiest pair since Marcus and Esca strolled north of Hadrian's Wall (that's the chronological viewing, thereof, as Marcus' adventures historically occur much later than Titus', I think - BA? Wot BA?). It's just one of those things. The first time I watched Rome it was just so much homework and no fun at all. A year later and, watching it with a spurious romantic narrative which I seem to paste onto all action flicks, and it's sooo much fun. Besides, Rome is about brotherly love, the testing of it, the lack of it, true love and false whispers.

And besides, the look on Lucius' face when he realises he's about to watch Titus die in front of him and he just cannot do it, despite the consequences (though Julius is such a big softy when it comes to the boys), and if the testing of the bonds of brotherly love via mortal combat weren't enough, there's lashings of H/C to follow. Squeee!!!

But anyway, never mind that, though I did re-watch eps 1-2 yesterday. I was supposed to be watching Deadwood. Normally I love Deadwood, but I watched three episodes but I was all cross and I didn't enjoy it, so I gave up. Just wasn't in the mood. Wasn't well, either, after Wednesday, the day from hell. So one sit in the sun with a cup of tea and panadols later found me curled up under the doona watching Jack Davenport being all arch, in so far as his role mostly required him to stand in the background raising an eyebrow on occassion, in some Miss Marple confection. Much more my speed. I'm normally not a great one for British tea time mysteries, except when I'm poorly, and then they're just perfect. Quiet, calming, predictable, all one wants when one is under the weather. And Jack was gorgeous. Period suits really suit him. Ahem.

Btw, there probably will be a bit more Titus, because, ironically, I've just discovered that it's playing on EC9 next week. So brace yourselves for massive gnashings over all the cut bits, and there will be, especially as it's so fresh in my mind. Other shows slip through as months/years seperate my viewings and it all gets a bit fuzzy. Sometimes I think even the ABC is slicing off a few seconds here and there of Doctor Who, but I just can't be sure and can't be bothered lining up the two broadcasts to compare and contrast.

What suddenly started me onto Rome was ending up by chance watching a doco on Caesar's victories in Gaul the other week. I'd no intention of watching it as I was still dirty on all things Rome, but there was nowt else on and I put it on just as background noise (to drown out the sirens, tyre squeals, gunshots, screams, shouts and helicopters that make up my normal night). So, as often happens, I ended up watching more than working and suddenly I just really wanted to watch Rome again. It was time. I was ready. Hello Titus.

Meanwhile, all I watched last night, aside from Jack, was Sharpe. It was a hard choice, as there was a docco on Carthage and Colditz with Damian on as competition, and I'm not exactly sure the loyal choice was the right choice, especially as it was one of my least favoured Sharpe's, the one with Major Brand and Shellington the wimpy poet and I just can't stand Jane and I irrationally don't like Mark Strong either (no reason, just don't) and my gosh, Pycroft was chubby for an exploring officer living off the land, imho, and the plot was pretty predictable and, well, that's a lot of crud for Sharpe's grin to try and work against. There were some very pretty Sharpe moments, certainly, and even a few moments of Sharpe being clever (so clever, but oh so vulnerable), but sometimes that ain't enough. I think it's just a wee case of familiarity breeding humdrums, I expect the same ho hum response when Rome or Life on Mars have worn a decade's worth of viewing.

Oh yeah, watched another episode of Adam Adamant. This time it was the old renefade army unit episode. It looks like Tony Williamson has also got a "What Would Brian Do" bracelet, like Dennis Spooner must have had. It's a running joke. We've decided there are several types of Brian story:

  • Written wholly by Brian

  • Written under a pseud but so Brian it hurts

  • Written by someone else but Brian has obviously submitted his notes/polished it

  • Started by someone else and finished by Brian

  • Started by Brian and finisihed by somebody else

  • Written by someone else using notes they found in Brian's dustbin

Or, to paraphrase MST3K, I detect the giant floating prop hand of Brian Clemens.

Not much else news. Sat in the sun for a bit yesterday, and had my familiars queued up like petitioners, begging for snacks. I've decided to call the fat magpie, who has dumped his BF, alas, George, on account of him not remembering which leg he is meant to be limping with, as he lays it on with a trowel. They think I am that simple that I don't see through their ruses for pity. I bet the sneezes are bunged on, too. Ever heard a magpie sneeze? It's quite comical. Cheeky bugger sits up on the table now and helps himself to my toast. Hmph.

The heavy rain left me with one tiny pink blossom on my wee peach, the pear, after many threats, squeezed out a tiny white blossom, and the magnolia also managed a single, albeit pretty as, bloom. The maple though, burst into flower. I didn't know they did that.

I had more to say but it's being a long, hard, shitty day and I've got at least four more hours work. I'll be lucky to get home in time for The Vice.

So I will just leave you with a pic that has been doing the rounds on the net, because it amuses me ever so. Who's a little dandy highwayman then:
The Eagle of the Ninth
"The Eagle of the Ninth" (1977)
Eagle Of The Ninth
Eagle of the Ninth
The Eagle of the Ninth
I don't know what you're talking aboot
"FEAST" World Premiere
31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival - Latin Party
Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
'Oldest' New World writing found
The Wind That Shakes the Barley,,3-2359055,00.html
The first bionic woman celebrates with a steak
Sydney's Mr Sin dies
Canterbury cathedral, the scene of Becket's murder, threatened by pollution and fungus
Archaeolgists find carvings made by pre-Aztec civilisation
Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning
Writing May Be Oldest in Western Hemisphere,,1872366,00.html
Davies lines up Doctor Who spin-off
New Doctor Who series for CBBC
Doctor Who spin-off set for CBBC
Doctor Who for kids

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