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Sexuality in Ancient Rome
Many Things you Never Wanted to Know About Roman Sexuality and Are Still Afraid to Ask
Standard Roman Sexuality
Non-Standard Roman Male Sexuality
Julius Caesar
Carpe diem
Titus Pullo
Lucius Vorenus
Rome (TV series)
Et tu Brute?
Rome: And The Forbidden Love
Titus Pullo, the one and only
Titus Pullo Runs The Gauntlet, Gladiator Fight
Lusius & Titus Breaks The Outer Garrison At Rome's Gate
The Eagle of the Ninth
"The Eagle of the Ninth" (1977)
Eagle Of The Ninth
Eagle of the Ninth
The Eagle of the Ninth,20867,20387749-16947,00.html
Crowe's gladiator Maximus may fight another day

LIFE ON MARS,,14934-2349561,00.html
Wrapping the path to 9/11 in red tape (LOM)
Double trouble ahead (LOM)
"Wonder If He'll Ever Know He's In The Best Selling Show": Is There "Life on Mars"?

The Wind That Shakes the Barley
Tough director, tough film and tough star to boot (Murphy)
"The Wind That Shakes The Barley" Sydney Premiere - Arrivals

Heath to show dark side,21985,20387520-2902,00.html
Ledger's all set for dark Joker

"FEAST" World Premiere
Focus Features presents the Los Angeles Premiere of 'Hollywoodland'
"Hollywoodland" Los Angeles Premiere - Arrivals
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's the guy who killed himself -- supposedly
Acting, direction and writing poignantly evoke the mystery of 'Superman's' death
The Quiet Desperation of Superman
The Boyish Mr. Damon, Not So Boyish After All

Trekkies celebrate show's 40 years, remember Roddenberry's vision
Fans celebrate Star Trek's 40th
Trek memories of 'android' actor

Neanderthals' 'last rock refuge'
'Oldest' New World writing found
Canterbury cathedral, the scene of Becket's murder, threatened by pollution and fungus
Archaeolgists find carvings made by pre-Aztec civilisation
Writing May Be Oldest in Western Hemisphere

The Buzzcocks Perform at the Century Theatre - September 9, 2006

Haven't we met before?
Eyes back on the spies as Spooks returns
Domestic (Re)Disturbance
"Close Encounters" rock prepares for centennial
Don't be fooled by an old rumour
The day after tomorrow will be too late!_My_Captain!
O Captain! My Captain!
Berni Inn
Cast aside,20867,20358499-16947,00.html
Spider-man unmasked,22049,20368788-5006013,00.html
Anti-Bond unleashed,21985,20278244-5006022,00.html
The kiss two million viewers waited for
Possibly the Best. Simpsons. Q&A. Ever.
I don't know what you're talking aboot
31st Annual Toronto International Film Festival - Latin Party,,3-2359055,00.html
The first bionic woman celebrates with a steak
Sydney's Mr Sin dies
Massive surge in disappearance of Arctic sea ice sparks global warning

DOCTOR WHO,,1872366,00.html
Davies lines up Doctor Who spin-off
New Doctor Who series for CBBC
Doctor Who spin-off set for CBBC
Doctor Who for kids

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