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Ah, Rome. Watched the last few episodes, right up to the end of Big Julie (and if somebody screams 'spoiler' I shall smack them). This time 'round, emotionally engaged, it was nailbiting stuff, and poor Titus, down t'pit with his squished roach, never has a scene been more heartbreaking, imho.

It was hard to watch the boys breakup, very hard. Here, it was just Titus going too far, but it's a deep worry I hold watching Life on Mars, too. I'm always fearful, despite the very elastic bonds of their friendship, that one day it will snap, and either Gene will do something too dodgy or Sam will do something too disloyal, and that will be the end of it. Until, of course, one of them is really in trouble.

Oh, the look on Lucius' face before he leapt into the arena to save Titus from the killing blow. How the plebs (and this old hag) roared with approval. Such show of brotherly love, as they so coyly described it. Heh. I loved it. Ya just can't keep a good slash buddy down (or apart).

Btw, the bus driver this morning, swine that he was, decided to put us all off four stops early, so I had to walk the rest of the way, all crampy and squishy. I so wanted to spear him through with my brolly the way Lucius dispatched that gladiator. Violent tv a bad influence? Nah, an inspiration. Bad bus drivers deserve skewering.

Anyway, re the breakup, I could see the writing (and the dirty sketches) on the wall, before the accidental manslaughter, as Lucius rose and rose in status, rising too far above Titus - the snapping at Titus not to touch Lucius' pretty white robes because he's dirty them was both heavy handed and telling. I really felt for Titus, having lost a few good friends to their rise in rank/class meself. In civvie life, there's just no good reason for the lads to be together (aside from the obvious) and they drift apart, they fight, they breakup. I did love though how Titus was always thinking about Lucius, especially with regard his commander's poisonous domestic setup.

Btw, the whole bit where the oh so proper, uptight, play by the rules Lucius pisses off the local gangster and has to has the error of his ways explained to him, well, I wasn't thinking about Sam and Warren at all. Not a bit.

I loved the whole Egyptian escapades bit. That was lovely and funny, and did Titus really cuckold Caesar himself? Too funny. And Lucius looked so annoyed. Poor Lucius - so clever, but oh so vulnerable - ahem, I mean uptight. But vulnerable, too, I suppose, given the final episode. Poor baby. This is what happens when his buddy takes the day off (all hell breaking loose).

Sorry, it's not coming out very coherently today (too many painkillers), but I wallowed and enjoyed the last four episodes yesterday. Oh, Titus, my sparkly eyed impulsive one.

I was so glad to have yesterday off. It was a long, hard, grinding two hot water bottle night, but at least there's decent telly in the wee hours, better than the rest of the day, actually, and I even caught the ginger one, aka Damian Lewis, in an old Poirot. It was all terribly proper, old chap. (And tonight I'm promised Jack Davenport in a Miss Marple).

But back to Rome. I love how louche Mark Antony was, what a cunning little minx Octavian was, how fey and tortured Brutus was and how charismatic Julius was. I was bemused at the references to the taking of special powers, to be returned once the emergency was over (yeah, right), the suggestion of a course of public works and infrastructure (but never a cross city tunnel, Julius, just don't go there), and the shaking of heads over what enthuses the plebs. Plus ça change.

But since I am incapable of saying anything coherent or sensible today, I shall merely post a quote from the New York Press and say "me too": HBO’s epic series “Rome” has everything I ask for in a TV series: coherent plot, full frontal nudity, senseless and graphic hyperviolence, contemporary relevance and deft comic relief.

Hee. Titus is my role model today, especially where carpe diem is concerned. Ah, Titus, my impulse control issued lad. Right now it's carpe choccies, as the diet nazis are away and we have a small hoard. Best we remove all temptation and evidence, eh? I'll fall on that grenade, I'll take that one for the team - smirk.

Oh woe. No JD tonight as I am stuck here working, without being paid for any of it, I might add, all night. I should very much like Titus to have a word with the sods who have chained me to my desk tonight. Maybe he could rip through them like he did with the gladiators. The thought cheers me immensely, as I'm cold and tired. My bloodlust horrifies my friend though. She was appalled I was watching Rome yesterday, while I was ill. Heh, when do I ever get the chance, else, and my bed already had that whole charnel house thing going. Ew, you say. You weren't mopping up pools of your own blood this morning like I was. Sigh.
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