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THE SWEENEY,,1864585,00.html
In brief: Sweeney set for big screen
DNA takes a flyer with 'Sweeney'
"The Sweeney" (1975) [TV-Series 1975-1978]
The Sweeney
The Sweeney

Re: Sam's Naivety
Life on Mars;topicseen
John Simm;topicseen
Radio Times scans - Simm, Glenister and Lancaster,,1864330,00.html
Racism is an everyday reality. If we keep it off our TV screens we're asking for trouble
"Life on Mars" (Hardcover)
Re: The Two types of Time Travel Theory;topicseen
Re: Episode One

Daniel Craig's gay kiss,2933,211694,00.html
New 'Bond' Daniel Craig Kisses Male Co-Star in Upcoming Movie
Daniel Craig will have a male love interest in the next Bond movie.
Daniel Craig shares gay kiss in Infamous
Daniel Craig's gay kiss
Craig's gay kiss in new movie

Scrummy Murphy,21985,20296107-28957,00.html
Cillian Murphy faces fan grilling

Star Trek XI Rumours Start
The "New" Trek: Burning Questions Answered
In pictures: Star Trek's 40 years,23739,20324772-7642,00.html
Android overload

GLENN FORD,,1862820,00.html
Glenn Ford
Chameleon of silver screen, icon of an age
Glenn Ford, best character actor, dies
Laconic idol Glenn Ford dies aged 90
Screen legend Glenn Ford is found dead
Screen icon Glenn Ford dies at 90
Glenn Ford, Leading Man in Films and TV, Dies at 90
Glenn Ford dead at 90
Movie icon Glenn Ford dies,20867,20317474-16947,00.html
Genial hero acted tough,21985,20313552-5006023,00.html
Glenn Ford dies, aged 90

Jackman's sci-fi film gets a cool response
The 63rd International Venice Film Festival - "The Hottest State" Premiere - Arrivals
The 63rd International Venice Film Festival - "Hollywoodland" Premiere - Red Carpet
The 63rd International Venice Film Festival - "Hollywoodland" Premiere - Arrivals
Hollywood Land : Venice Film Festival Press Conference
Hollywoodland : Venice Film Festival Q&A

GQ Men of the Year Awards - Inside Arrivals
GQ Men of the Year Awards - Outside Arrivals
GQ Men of the Year Awards - Drinks Reception-
GQ Men of the Year Awards - Media Board *EXCLUSIVE*

Storms hammer Sydney region
Soggy Sydney
Wild weather
Too hot to handle: climate of change endangering 1683 natives
How weather killed Britain's population seven times
Deep ice tells long climate story
Britain's human history revealed

Dangermouse back on 25th birthday
The Kray twins
How times have changed since Gordon was here
Sci Fi Creates ‘Webisodes’ to Lure Viewers to TV
'Pirates' and summer co-hits prove that Hollywood isn't a sinking ship
Semen 'may fuel cervical cancer',,1865124,00.html
'That sort of self-delusion is what it takes to be a real Aussie larrikin'
Croc Hunter news consumes the web
Storm Boy's creator dies, aged 85,,1864748,00.html
Humans 'hardwired for religion',,1865196,00.html
Lie back and think of Jesus
Men over 40 'more likely to father an autistic child'
Wee are not amused Sharon
List of collective nouns by subject I-Z
The benefits of empire?
Rome: beyond grapes and gropes
Fred Karno's Army
Whisky bottle PC mod
"Wake up, or the kitty gets it",,1857347,00.html
Remake revenge
Nightshade - by Mark Gatiss
Kiefer Sutherland: The time of his life,22049,20302522-5006014,00.html
No puppet now
"Alatriste" Premiere in Madrid - September 1, 2006 (Viggo)
The not so Silent Bob
Munch paintings 'can be repaired'
All for one and one for Allah
Cooper Clarke to return for Quays dates,,589-1662280,00.html
Women fall into 'trance' during orgasm
How Lucy's email became an inbox hit
Sloan Digital Sky Survey;topicseen
Watching The Professionals
"Last Train to Freo" Sydney Premiere
The dorks are taking over our screens
Vulcanologists closer to 'holy grail' of predicting violent eruptions through changes in magma
Allison Mack, Part 2: Kiss and Tell
Xuanzang (fictional character)
Monkey (TV series)
The gas did it: Bogle-Chandler theory blames toxic cloud
'Goat-free roads made me speed'
Fake Paris CD a hit
Brick Lane Festival
Amazing escape for bus passengers as double decker bursts into flames
Ewe'll be sorry
Death becomes an excuse to savage 'elites' - now that's nasty
A rare glimpse of England's first sight of the New World

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