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don we now our gay apparel

Well, I didn't get to wear my party frock afterall, for while it's just about warm enough to wear it with a coat, rumblings down below sent me out in search instead of something that was comfortable, black and absorbant. So my party outfit today is instead a long black skirt with ruffles about the hem, teamed with a bright brassy Xmassy looking floral print shirt rather reminiscent of those 50s op shop floral blouses I used to wear as a young lass, and was so fond of. I like it. Most people have at least commented, heh. There are bright red buds of flowers all over it, hence the xmassy look, with a tiny tinsel xmas tree brooch pinned on for good measure (too much is never enough as far as xmas is concerned) and little bells in my hair (I miss Narwahl and his bells). Now the trick is can my mellow yellow enhanced party cheer out last these damn cramps. Oooch. Looks like shopping with Best Friend tomorrow, tiresome afternoon tea with the least interesting cousins and/or my own little expedition are all called on account of rain. Bugger.

It was the Roswell xmas episode last night, with Isobel as the Xmas Nazi again. I love that, and yes, I can see myself as Isobel, only not quite so bad, or maybe worse [giggle]. If nothing else it was fun to watch by the light of my little xmas lights and it reminded me to wrap the present for the pot luck thing today. I even remembered to get the gold ribbon to wrap it with! Back to Roswell, the highlight has to be, and always is, watching Jim Valenti stuff the turkey most vigorously with anything that comes to hand, inculding a head of cabbage rammed up the turkey so forcefully it makes my eyes water. Hilarious. The rest of the episode was Max mush but the Isobel and Kyle bits were priceless.

Unfortunately due to the tv stations mucking about Lost World ended up on the same time as Roswell. I'm bereft. I love that show, my guilty little pleasure, esecially the normally serious cop playing Oz thesps making complete tits of themselves as mad monks in guest starring roles. Brilliant, just brilliant. It reminds me a lot of Fantastic Journey, and therefore hits my happy childhood nostalgia buttons. Next week I will ensure the other vcr is set up for taping.

I won't tell you about what I was perving at on the net yesterday while waiting for more of My Precious to be deleted or modified because sharks patrol these waters. Suffice to say you don't really want to find photos captioned "with Roman from Days of Our Lives" - arrrrgh! And I bet I could pick up the plot from my uni days if I started watching it again [chortle].

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