mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

as good as it gets

D was right, this morning was as bad as it got. We're working on the cms now - I'm loathe to call much of it improvements or refinements. The navigation system issue is, we believe, sorted and now they're just nagging over my minimalist design again. I call it streamlined, spacious and sobre. They want dancing elephants. Bright hot pink dancing elephants. Sigh.

I realise I've not remarked on the finale of Smallville, most probably because rather than settling down to enjoy it, it was merely viewed in between working on something or other and therefore it lacked the resonance it might have had, should I have watched it in a less harried frame of mind. Kansas, tornado (insert Wizard of Oz reference here). Whits left for the marines, after a touching farewell to Clark (keep the homefires burning). There was also a lovely bow tie tying scene betwixt Clark and Lex. Ah, so romantic. If Lex spends any more time over in the Kent's barn he should start keeping jammies and a toothbrush there. Only Lex is in everyone's black books again because his father is making an example of him again, at everyone's expense (doncha just love power crazed arseholes like that, and issues much?) and Lex finally found the keys for Clark's Kryptonian baby buggy. Vrooom! Clark ditches the lovely Chloe to save the worthless Lana, sigh. Clark, Clark, Clark, we need to have a talk and everyone's basically running about in the storm in the old whose contacts will be renewed next year cliffhanger. That was pretty much it but I liked the keeping Clark's secret and character driven subplots rather than the green rock powered mutant of the week plot they're so fond of. Looks like they've picked up a couple of Roswell writers and/or scripts, and that can't be a bad thing, I hope. Haven't checked the spoilers. I can wait.

Farscape I did not see much of due to My Precious, but I have the dvd so it was an acceptable loss, in theory anyway.

  • Pacifist Leonardo may have made mistakes to foil warlords
  • Wife-beaters (sic) go fashionable (they're talking about singlets)
  • Supreme court to decide on Klan's burning cross (I don't know why but this had us in giggles and praising our respective deities that allegedly only 10% of Americans have passports)
  • Worse and worse and much much better



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