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Tuesday: I treated myself last night. Just one dvd, so I watched episode two, with the commentary this time (yes, I'd been holding off, didn't want it to spoil the magic, if you know what I mean). Good grief, could they titter any more over the male bonding, though it's amusing to hear the EP giggling over the slashy bits like any one of my friends. And I did have something blindingly obvious pointed out that I'd never noticed before: Sam's pissiness over nothing solving anything "quite like a punch" comes back to bite him in the arse, because he's saved by a punch thrown by Gene.

Which of course leads to the most wonderful smiles. Oh, there's a lot in this episode: Gene leaning in real close, the post coital smoke, Sam pretty much swooning after Gene saves him and then Sam calling out for Gene in absolute terror in the hospital. Well, who else is he going to call on to save him but the man who saved his bacon? Oh, this episode is all about Sam and Gene and their push and shove. Lovely stuff. There's Sam's tanty in the street, after the wonderful, breathless car diving bit (pure Profs, imho), or, and lest I forget the way Sam just beams at Gene in the ultimate lineup scene after Gene mutters thoughtfully about "special glass". It's so sweet, that smile. Oh yeah, Sammyboy is smitten. And just when I think it can't get better, there's the poker game and more "warm looks" between the boys. "A bit more than warm", giggles the EP.

Swoon. Sigh.

There's also the foreshadowing of the Test Pattern Girl, as we see her first on the tv, evidence that Mr Diet Coke is now ankle deep in empties (I suppose that's why he passes out in his clothes every night, poor love) and the appearance of the soon to be ruined brown coat (though surely a copper would know a no questions asked dry cleaner like the one my friend took the bed cover to after an incident with a doberman and a rat, mind you, in that neighbourhood - smirk). Also, is Sam's flat one of those below ground ones, or semi below ground? Because he has windows, but a lot of damp, too, I note, on the cleaner dvd copies (though I most often watch the BBC versions because I much prefer the original soundtrack, and it was stupid to make the soundtrack so important to the show and then not licence it for the dvd, I hope someone was sacked for that one).

Anyways, had more to say but was rudely interupted by calamity and strife. You know, the usual. It's just that I've been ignoring #2 for other episodes, and I shouldn't, as it's the big Gene and Sam arc, the old scrappy romance plot as our boys swing from arguments and enmity to rescues, confidences and big smiles. It's almost like a late Thirties romcom. No, wait, I think it is a late Thirties romcom - grin. Ah, Life on Mars, putting the buddy back into buddy cop shows (and we all know how Brokeback that genre is).

So aside from work merde (weirdly, all the work I'd done on Friday vanished off the server again the moment I had to present it, funny how that keeps happening), I had to dash off yesterday as I had tickets to a screening of Clerks II with a Q&A by Kevin Smith. This is the first time ol' Silent Bob has ever been down here, and the queue to get in looped around the theatre three times (and my curiosity for what lies at the end of the alley behind the State is now sated).

Clerks II was pretty much more of the same, only with the extra added angst of aging thrown in, and I'd like to be able to say that I'm far too sophisticated for lavatorial humour, but I was raised on 70s Britcoms, and thus I was laughing like a drain. The whole piece skewering Lord of The Rings particularly had me nearly on the floor weeping (it was a great crowd to carry one along in the hilarity, watching in a cold deserted cinema might not have been so funny). The whole arse to mouth debate was bemusing, especially as I'd only just realised I'd had Gene committing such a faux paus. Fortunately, Clerks comes down on the side of it being okay in the heat of the moment. So Kevin Smith says it's okay, okay? The whole racial slur sketch (and it really was just a string of loosely connected sketches, but there's nowt wrong with that) made Gene's rants look lily white by comparison, but for the same deliciously non PC reasons, it was wickedly funny. And then there was the donkey show...

Then there was Kevin. Usually with these things it's just "Hi kids, bye kids, I'm off to do crack and whores", but no, Mr Smith kept on talking until we all got chucked out past midnight. The Hayden Christian story was funny, about him being upset at being slandered in the film. "Who knew Darth Vader was such a pussy?" quips Kev, before launching into a hilarious "Nooooooo!". I was also bemused that he can always win an argument with Ben Affleck these days just by mentioning Daredevil or Gigli. Mean, but funny. Which pretty much sums up the whole night. He also talked about Degrassi, filming rumours (debunking some, starting others) and various stuff off forums and other Stateside Q&As (a lot of Yanks in the audience) which made me feel as though I was coming in on the end of a conversation, because I pretty much was, you know, the way some commentaries are just replies to a forum, and if you aren't on that forum, especially an overseas one, you've got no idea what they're giggling about.

So, anyway, more of an early morning than a late night, though the masked midnight tree lopper was happily chainsawing away when I got home, so I doubt I would have slept much anyway. I've had 40 mins sleep, the servers are down and there's bad press in the morning's papers. Looks like another great day.

pic very kindly scanned by sleeper_frost

Oh, I should probably comment on the demise of Stargate, since I used to be hugely into the Jack/Daniel back in '99. Um, shrug? It's not that there was no Jack/Daniel, because that ship had kind of sailed several series ago, and it's not like I don't love Ben Browder, I do. It's just, that, well, I've been spoilt with other better, meatier, plot and character driven fare of late, with plots that have been thought over, are thoughtful and require me to think, which is novel in a tv show, or at least, the bulk of the stuff I was watching in the 90s. But, you know, ten years older, my tastes have changed. Times have changed.

And I did really like Stargate when it started. I didn't really get into it massively until S3, and was kind of turfed out of it in S5, but it used to have some sort of point, and some form of character arc or quest, you know, Daniel's attempts to get his wife back, stop the nasty body snatching aliens (insert cold war or whatever reference here, and on Stargate, the cold war never ended).

But then they got new people in and they just kicked everything over, killed off allies and enemies, killed off the Goa'uld, for fek's sake, or at least dispatched them to ignomy and just, well, kind of kicked the legs out from under the franchise. I don't mind change, development and evolution, but this was clumsy rebooting, this was New Coke, this was just trashing what had gone before, the way new managers always have to change the letterhead, and it was largely pretty pointless, especially as the most interesting characters and set ups were the ones detonated (at first I was peeved, then I just gave up and drifted away).

Worse, they got into that silly idea that everything has to be bigger and better, rather than what the fans really want, which is the same, but different, you know, twisty. So every new bad guy has to be bigger and badder and it kind of collapsed into utter silliness like the Bond franchise, having entirely lost the original anti-Trek franchise charm of just ordinary guys with guns.

They just lost the plot, basically. They cut out all the parts that made Stargate, well, Stargate, and lately, the few episodes I've watched, it's been Claytons Trek: the Trek you have when you're not having Trek (old Oz ad tag line, never mind). And the screencaps from the 200th episode? Yeah, I think it's past time to take poor old Stargate up the back paddock.

We had fun. I loved Jack and Daniel. I loved the mythology of the show. I'll probably get nostalgic for it, but I was just thinking on Saturday that I wouldn't miss it too much if it was gone. Looks like I'll be testing that idle thought much more immediately than I'd anticipated.
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