mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

that was the week that was

Och, lassie, it was hard getting up this morning. A real wrench. I was tired, unwell, unwilling to submit myself to the further bullying of my elders and betters, but most importantly, my bed was warm, the pain killers were just starting to kick in and Sharpe was being all golden and gorgeous on the telly. Sigh.

It was a particular tragedy as, anxious to get home in time for Sharpe the whole bus ride home, but with the driver preferring warp ten (as opposed to the one this morning who dribbled along as though there were a wee man in walking in front with a red flag) I made it home with a whole hour to spare (amazing what a difference a driver can make) and so I got myself all nice and comfy and turned on the telly and...Zzzzz....

Well, it's been that sort of week. Bit of a trial. And as if misery weren't enough, as if stabbing cramps weren't quite enough, one of my bosses decides to set me running up and down the grand staircases here on fool's errands, just because she thought I could use the exercise. As though she couldn't take the hint, with me all wretched and doubled over clutching at a hot water bottle. Then, knowing full well I'm dosed to eyeballs to stop myself screaming and gnawing at the furniture, she decides to mark my work like a primary school teacher, heaven help me if I've let a typo slip through. Gah.

This is what I have to put up with. Sure, some have it worse. A lot have it heaps better, though.

At least there was Jack. Despite all my whining about missing Jack Davenport at the flicks this week, he popped up while flicking channels, first in a doco on Jane Austen, then UKTV served up two hours of This Life. Very much appreciated, as I was in agony at the time.

There's also been Steve, on dvd and delightfully served via piccies from sleeper_frost (who will no doubt notice that a lot of this post has been recycled but at least I'm green, as well as lazy). Nothing like a shot of Steve first thing in the morning :)

And there's been Lucifer Box. Thanks to sleeper_frost's reccomendation, I purchased said tome, though it wouldn't take much to persuade me: Gatiss writing about an Edwardian dandy/super spy? Sold!

I am enjoying it. It dovetails nicely with the Adamant fest (the dvd also featuring Gatiss, who seems to have gone viral in my life right now).

Weirdly, Lucifer is quite the ladies man, which puts him quite apart from Adam or Raffles, and it seems to owe a lot to Tara King era Avengers (rather than the superior Peel or Gale eras), but I do love it so, for all it's silliness. I note that Lucifer, too, is fond of the fall asleep on the bed in his clothes clutching a hamster nest of clues modus. I was also giggling about the bit about his undented cigarette case - catching bullets is what servants are for. Wheeze!

Sam should be lucky that Gene doesn't have the same philosphy re junior officers. And speaking of junior officers, from watching Adam Adamant I have now learnt that if there is no female available for a catfight, then the lowest ranking police officer will do - snerk. I can just see poor Chris being taken out by a handbag. He's that sort of copper. Oh yeah, I'm totally seeing the whole Xander/Harmony hair pulling thing :)

Popped up to Virgin in the lunchbreak, but, alas, they swear there's no such dvd as Life on Mars, to be released this week or any other. Sigh. Pout. Nor could The Honeymoon Machine be purchased, neither for love nor money. How am I supposed to drool over Steve in crisp dress whites now? Especially as one can't always rely upon the kindness of cable.

Speaking of which, the local cable coughed up Bubba Ho-Tep for the Elvis Ascension Day, or whatever it is. Heh. Weirdly enough, for a film featuring Elvis and an evil soul sucking mummy, it was actually a rather depressing rumination on age, frailty and mortality.

Okay, does anyone know where I could download a copy of tonight's Wire in The Blood? Because it's on opposite Cracker. You'd make a lot of folks very happy if you could nudge me in the right direction. Ta. Stuck between a Robbie and a Robson.
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