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Weekly Links

Philip Glenister fic
BLOWING THEIR TRUMPTON (LOM scaryarse spoiler)
John Simm
Life on Mars: Episode Four

Goodnight Sweetheart
Goodnight Sweetheart

VERONICA MARS{C4E047CD-6CED-4045-99C5-7A3A5296BE18}
Mars Star Believes in Girls Power,22049,20069643-5006014,00.html
Here's the skinny (V. Mars)

Cillian: ‘My wife is my rock’
Breakfast on Pluto

Depp, Burton team up for 'Sweeney Todd' film,20867,20114379-16947,00.html
As a singer, he's out of his Depp

"Seed" Launch - Arrivals - August 15, 2006
Jackman's germ of a movie idea

The Honeymoon Machine (1961)
The Honeymoon Machine
The Honeymoon Machine
Steve McQueen

Fans sink their fangs into "Snakes on a Plane"
Fewer movies are being prescreened for critics -- and that's a good thing
Star Samuel L. Jackson is a real 'Snakes' charmer

It has been 50 years since TV fanned the flames of Elvis mania
Elvis anniversary draws fans

Warped point of view (Tennant)
Our Man Flint
Star Wars condensed to 20 minutes
Who wrote "I Claudius"?
Still Sharpe
The Vesusvius Club
Duelling sleuths (Bones)
on being uncool
Russell Crowe on Set of "American Gangster" - August 9, 2006
All cashed up
Meet the modern Macbeth (Worthington),22049,20080415-5006013,00.html
More style than substance
Thom out of tune,20867,20117522-16947,00.html
Jack rues dearth of local films
The Television Has Disintegrated. All That’s Left Is the Viewer.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Kneel Before Jude Law!,,1843767,00.html
From scooping to snooping
Remake ‘The Wicker Man’? Now That’s Scary
Return of wacky gags and the killer kitten
Good times, bad times (Stones),,1838515,00.html
'Nobody knows what will happen next' (BBC)
Shatner hopes new game will revive "Trek"
Look made best ever rock interview
Cracker: Nine Eleven
Wire In The Blood Torment
He rocks, he rolls, carried by the wind
Al Kyder: Virgin on the ridiculous
Celebrity is eating itself
Silent Bob strikes back

The riddle of China's Area 51
Give a man six inches and he'll want a …
Frozen mice 'have healthy pups'
Highland Toffee makers to close,,2-2315153,00.html
Pardon at last for shell-shocked soldier shot for war cowardice,,3-2314553,00.html
Maori Queen dies, aged 75
Whale fossil sports fierce teeth
A deep and meaningful discovery
Predator had a set of steak knives and more
War of the worlds,,1851104,00.html
Executed WW1 soldiers to be given pardons
Revealed: the gene that gave us bigger brains
Blast, what happened next?
The black sheep of the family? The rise and fall of Hitler's scouse nephew
NZ: where the streets have no shame
Maine monster mystery
'Themepark Venice' to charge for entry
Solved: Case of the disappearing headdress, the Mona Lisa of Peru

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