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Found this quote in a review for Life on Mars episode 4:
"In the game of runes, the rune Teiwaz stands in for the Norse god Tyr, who bought a great victory by sacrificing his hand to the wolf Fenris. Granted, Sam’s probably the only one in this Manchester precinct who’d know that story, but it fits this episode all too well — and you’ll be making a similar sacrifice if you miss it." - Now Playing Magazine

Okay, so it's fine for other people to ponce about with mythology references, but not me? Just checking. Duly noted.

Btw, did you notice that Gene's High Noon poster returns in later episodes? I hope someone was sacked for that one - grin.

Ah, cue Ride of The Valkyries. They're sending the Blackhawks overhead again and it sounds most terrible. I saw one swoop right over the top of my building on Monday, as I was out grocery shopping, low enough to risk entanglement with flagpoles, then it flew betwixt two scrapers. So when I say they're thundering overhead, there are indeed immediately overhead. Interesting times.

Um, well, not much to tell really. Been a bit of a disaster of late, and I've done nothing anyone has asked of me, be it work or elsewhere. Threw up for over six hours on Monday, couldn't keep a thing down, not even water. Every cup I tried to drink ended up as though I was priming myself for another go, like "bite, spit, pour, tap, fire." Well, that's what I kept thinking as I slumped against the late Victorian tiles. It was awful. I've bust every blood vessel on my face and now I look like Esther from Bleak House. Oh well. Like Esther, it's no great thing.

So, obviously I've not done what was required of me in work (the whole six hours hanging over a loo being an impediment to constructive occupation) nor did I watch any telly because by the time I crawled home, I just slept. Ditto Tuesday, with a few chapters of my D&P book thrown in. Just felt awful.

So more later when I'm actually up to it (I have been re-watching LOM, but alas, my fever soaked drug induced insights are lost to the ages). Oh dear, here come the choppers again.
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Kneel Before Jude Law!,,1843767,00.html
From scooping to snooping
Warped point of view (Tennant)
Remake ‘The Wicker Man’? Now That’s Scary
Return of wacky gags and the killer kitten
Good times, bad times (Stones),,1838515,00.html
'Nobody knows what will happen next' (BBC)
Shatner hopes new game will revive "Trek"
Look made best ever rock interview
Give a man six inches and he'll want a …
Frozen mice 'have healthy pups'
Highland Toffee makers to close{C4E047CD-6CED-4045-99C5-7A3A5296BE18}
Mars Star Believes in Girls Power,,2-2315153,00.html
Pardon at last for shell-shocked soldier shot for war cowardice,,3-2314553,00.html
Maori Queen dies, aged 75

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