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First of all, does anyone know of any decent, easy to use, suitable for my jelly like brain video editing software? Because nothing I've downloaded from tucows I understand. I only ask because if you want your stuff presented professionally, you're going to have to give me a few prods/tips/helping hand/smacks over the head.

Okay, this post was supposed to be about Sharpe's Honour (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!), especially as I'd been looking forward to it for ages, Sharpe being all angsty and pretty, and it featuring the duel that inspired that whole Sharpe/Methos series and bonus Nikolas Grace, but no. Events overtook me.

Or, honey, I blew up the stove. I arrive home to find the wise idiots (they remind me of those two crazy zenga monks) just staring at flaming stove, hoping it'll go out by itself. The Zen approach to domestic emergencies. Oh yes, they'd also unplugged the fire alarm because it was noisy. Again, I ask, you want me to move out and leave this lot alone without adult supervision? Anyhoo, one every expensive emergency call out later to a very bluff, bear-like but competent tradesman and it was all sorted (but theres this month's fun money gone).

I saw bits of Sharpe, tis true, but, well. Worse, when I finally made it to my room I thought aha, the last twenty minutes are mine, all mine...Zzzzzzzzzzzzz! Yup, out like a light, didn't even get to set the timer for Benny boy.

So that was my night. At least I listened to my wee voice that said have lunch, even though I wasn't hungry, because otherwise I'd be cold, wet, tired and hungry. And also, somewhat the poorer. It wasn't just the afterhours repairman. The day before yesterday I'd asked co-worker if she wanted cake. No, she wasn't in the mood for cake, says she. So I don't buy no cake. Then yesterday, comes morning teatime and it's all huffy puffy because there's no cake being whipped out. So there's me racing up to the nearest (not cheap) cake shop. Argh. Honestly, if someone asks you the day before your b-day if you want cake, what the fek do you think they're talking about? Either I'm too subtle, speaking in an obscure dialect or my colleagues are just a little bit thick.

Meanwhile, it is pissing down. I can't remember the last time I saw rain like this. Here. Normally, I have to travel overseas to get wet.

Heh, I aways indulge in a spot of eco-terrorism while OS. You know, having showers that last longer than ten seconds, actually having a bath, and, arrest me now, filling it right up, well, as far as Archimedes Principles will permit. Toss in a few Lush balls and wallow. Gorgeous. And, sadly, only an overseas treat.

Ah, and sadly, it's a bit busy today, so I only had time for one Life on Mars ramble, and it's over at Sam and Gene.
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