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Last night I was watching the adventures of a man who wakes up in the wrong decade and staggers about, disorientated, thinking he's mad or some evil plot. Oh yeah, he was also frozen in a block of ice (and thanks to Austin Powers, smirking is inevitable). No, not Sam, not even Austin, but Adam Adamant. He of sword, cape and a strong aversion to women.

Oh yes. I've been after this series for (cough) twenty years since I first heard about it, heavily into my 60s spy phase. And, now, at last, as of last night, I have it, on shiny dvd, all 17 surviving episodes (Mine! Mine! All mine! Mwahaha!). There were thirty, but, as so often is the case, were wiped for some penny pinching saving just 20c bureaucratic felgercarb that can never justify the loss and destruction of cultural heritage. Though last night I was joking that the lost episodes may have spontaneously combusted from campiness. Oooh, they are camp. As a scout jamboree, ducky. Think Jason King, Wild Wild West and The Avengers. Then hit the frappe button.

Fabulous stuff, though, what remains, and happily the pilot episode survives, and this we're treated to Adam staggering around in circles, lost and out of time, disorientated at the strangeness of the new world he finds himself in (must try and grab it, it's a great scene and somewhat, um, familiar). It's a rather grand and glorious sequence as he wanders London circa 1966, half his luck.

Mind you, they do tend to lay it on a bit thick re the whole brave new woorld thing, with Adam apparently bamboozled by the tube, electricity and records. Oh, fer fek's sake, he's from 1902, not 1802. Raffles would have been a contemporary and Raff loved his mod cons, installing electricity (remarking that from then on only women of flawless beauty could be admitted to his rooms, as if any female ever saw the inside of Raffle's domain) and buying a Kodak camera, ostensibly for CSI like purposes but also taking candid shots of Bunny. I bet he had to home develop those - heh. Of course he would have.

I can see it now, poor Bunny, under the new fangled lights. "I say, Bunny, you're looking a bit old, aren't you. What are now now? Twenty two? Twenty three?" Ahem. Oh, I'd love to write Raffles but he's just too awful. It really would be woobie Bunny and cruel Raffles, and it'd be canon.

But back to Adam. Lovely quality on the dvds, but sadly I think they cleaned it up a bit too much, because before there was botox there was pancake makeup, and, I gotta tell you, Adam has this whole creepy Auton thing going on. It's most disturbing. Ditto the wobbly, wobbly sets. I mean, we're used to the odd wobble, but that staircase looks like it was made out of cardboard, probably on that afternoon's Blue Peter (which I only know from Doctor Who dvds, but I get the jokes, we had the Curiosity Show).

And yet I simply cannot fault a show that has masked villains, evil midgets, treacherous femme fatales and 60s mods all in the pilot episode. I can't wait to wallow in the rest of the remaining episodes. It'll be silly and pointless but it will be fun.

Btw: behind the scenes talent included Verity Lambert and Brian Clemens, two of my fave Brit tv people.

Meanwhile, unfortunately I don't have the time for a silly mini essay of pseudo fatuousness today (and bugger, because they're fun), so I'll leave you with some random quotes from the US press for Life on Mars:

John Simm is the sort of actor who can convince you he’s hard as nails one minute, then go so completely vulnerable that you want to take him in your arms and comfort him the next. Sam’s pain in this and future episodes is palpable — there’s at least one Kleenex moment, if not two, in each of these first eight — and it’s a tribute to Simm’s acting that when Sam comes close to his breaking point, we’re right there with him.
- Now Playing Entertainment

"Yeah, Gene uses his instinct and his heart, and Sam uses his head and logic. And once they stop clashing about it, they use each other and learn from each other." - Simm

Insert pervy slashy thoughts here - EFG.

"They try not to tell me too much. I get little bits of information every so often in the script. And I say, “What’s that about?” And there are some things, I mean even now, in series two that we’re doing, I’m like, “Who’s that again?” Why’s that car watching me?” And you’ll find out. It all relates back to Hyde, where he comes from. There’s all sorts of big plot twists going on. So I just know what I need to know. I’m fine not knowing half the time, but we kind of know what’s going on." - Simm

Simm's superb turn as the befuddled, angry, worried and vexed Detective Sam Tyler (not to mention Philip Glenister as his ethically challenged, punch-happy superior,
Gene Hunt).
- San Francisco Chronicle

One of the many clever conceits of "Life on Mars" is how it plays in many ways like a '70s cop show, from its visual palate consisting mainly of browns, greens and umbers (except for reds, which pop out vividly) to its often-cheesy action sequences (rolling over car hoods, jumping over desks as a literal leap to action, two guys punching one crook simultaneously). - LA Daily News

You were asking about the colour red?

Glenister is the show's breakout star as Hunt, whose arrogant swagger, poorly bottled rage and cranky wit have reportedly transformed him into a hero among current British policemen. - LA Daily News

Now I'm orf to check out some Zen dudes.
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