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Ah, well. When the going get's tough, the Guv get's going. One minute I'm sitting here, sulking, grinding my way through drudge work. The next thing I know, the boys are being snippy:
"There's a word for people like you."

"A type?"

"It had an A in it," Gene agreed.

Hee. I love my boys. They write themselves, I am just a humble and clumsy scribe who can barely do them justice. I honestly have no influence over anything they say and do, like Gene treating every room he walks into like a crime scene. That's all him. Nothing to do with me.

So that's where the day has me. Bit too busy to ponder the Gene Zen thoughts I want to have this week, but I've research still to do on that regard, anyways. I've just been reading articles about the Zen exhibition in town (more on that later once I've seen it) and certain synchronicities struck me, but I've had no real time to formulate them into an argument. Mainly it was just the enlightment through a short sharp smack that caught me.

Especially since yesterday was both horrid and long (by the time I got home, everyone else was abed dreaming of sugar plums). At least I was right on the money re my sudden inexplicable need for a new D&P volume to read. Couldn't understand why the impulse couldn't wait until later, but as I sat on the bus for over three hours, trapped in bus crash snarled traffic (not my bus, 'nother one), I nodded to myself and thought "nice one". As you might imagine, I'm just about through that book now. And I do remember it. Much better than I thought I would. Odd. Some books I can re-read and it's new every time.

I also walked down to the Opera House at lunchtime, on a sparkling day. I could tell you that it's was blocks and blocks, but, sickenly, it's pretty much just down the road, just right for a bit of fresh air, blue skies and sunshine. And what sunshine. Still winter and yet I'm sizzled and lobster red. At least walking back I had a chance to even up my pinkness (nothing worse than emerging from the bus looking like one has had a recent close encounter).

All very pretty. And crowded with wall to wall Yankee Doodles. Odd, as the last time I wandered down it was like a Coronation Street Xmas special. Still, the time before that it was like an AU where we'd lost the war. Heh.

It's one of the things I really missed, when not working in the city: the constant ebb and flow of tourists. New Years brings oiksome backpackers galore, then comes the Barmy Army if there's an Ashes test, while in Feb the town becomes awash with the most gorgeous young men you will ever see. Alas, all in town for Mardi Gras, so it's very water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Gives this old town a sense of seasons, at least, since we're lacking in actual seasons.

Wiseguy. Forgot to mention this before, mainly because I missed most of it. I knew there was something I had to watch on Sunday night, but could not remember what. So I was flicking around and there was Vinnie astride Sonny, and all I could think of was: "For those of you just tuning in, it's not what you think." Actually, it's exactly what you think, as the two boys engage in homoerotic wrestling, flailing fisticuffs and sit around despondently dissecting their doomed romance. Doomed as in Montagues vs Capulets. It's that kind of saga. And we all hoped those crazy kids would make it worse.

You know, I was entirely over Wiseguy the last time I saw it on EvilChannelSEven, but they must have cut it to ribbons, because watching it on FoxClassics as entirely restored the way coolness. In fact, I've never really liked it before now. Suddenly, it had juice. Suddenly, I could see what people were talking about (and writing really bad fic about). And, OMG, it totally stands up. It is really well written, and could totally be a HBO shouw. Impressed. Okay, so the big hair and shoulder pads are frightening, but I can cope with period cop shows. Just. The Eighties are worse for me than the Seventies because I was actually forced to wear Eighties fashions (in fact, I opted out and wore 50s-70s pieces from op shops for the bulk of the 80s), so the cringe factor is far more acute.

But all in all, at last I can see why folks are of the impression that Wiseguy rocked. It surely did.
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