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Okay, I'm going to rehash bits of private correspondence because, alas, I don't really have the time or brain cells today for more than one thought.

The conversation started, as so many things to, with the Gene Genie. Still on the mythology thread, this time various pages leading us towards Mars. Neither planet, nor song, nor perky blonde teen detective, but the old god of war. But not just war. Mars has protective and even peace keeping aspects, albeit peace keeping with a capital PK.

Amusingly enough, in Britain, Mars was often found in combination with or sharing the guise of local Celtic gods, including our old friend Cernunnos, the god of the hunt. I have officially lost count of the number of times any of our crackpot theories, and not just the mythological ones, but the film and literary themes as well, lead back to old hornhead. So there, again, is the Huntsman reference, this time associated with Mars. Mars = Hunt.

Everything comes back to the Hunt. I'm starting to no longer care how the writers came up with the name now. They invoked him and now they've got him. Spooky how it always keeps twisting back to the Hunter, though. I can definitely see Gene as Mars. There's also the whole play on Mars thing too (Life on Mars? Field of Mars?). Is it a planet, a person, an aspect or a state of being? Gene = Mars?

I liked this from Wiki: "Initially the Roman god of fertility and vegetation and a protector of cattle, fields and boundaries". Again with the "My city" theme. And the boundary thing of the celtic god Lugh, he of paths and doorways to other realms and journies through and to other worlds, who also shares guises with the Hunter.

Gene is all about protection and boundaries "the line" that should not be crossed, as he is oft saying. Sam is so very deep in Gene's domain, Gene's city, Gene's world. This happily brings in the whole Gene as mythic sheriff western archetype protecting the town and everyone in it. The whole High Noon thang.

From the Annotated Martian:
I love this city. Its mess. Its noise. Prozzies. Drunks. Stray dogs, little old men.

Buttered crumpets for tea.

You're a right smart Alec and all, not squeaky clean, nor's this place. Rest of this country couldn't give a threepenny bit about this town. The orphans take whoever they can get to look after them. That's me.

Gene = Town Protector. He should get a shiny gold umbrella, or something.

Some nice dates in Wiki, too: "Mars had a succession of festivals in February, March and October, as well as one on June 1. On March 1, the Feriae Marti (loosely "Festivals of Mars") was celebrated. On February 27 and March 14, the horserace of the Equirria were held. On March 23, the Tubilustrium was celebrated by purifying weapons and war-trumpets. On October 19, the Armilustrium was celebrated in Mars' honor, and the weapons of the soldiers were purified and stored."

Lots of Late Feb/early March stuff going on, which is all entirely coincidental as to the date of Sam's arrival on Mars, as it were. sleeper_frost did a whole post on mystical dates in Life on Mars, over at The Railway Arms. It's nice to see the Mars festivals tie in with the timeline. Why, there's even a horse race. Okay, so the dates don't exactly match, but I've seen slighter connections made in proper printed books.

Ah well, you know what they say: A Mars a day helps you work, rest and play :D

Meanwhile, I am looking forward to Phil tonight. The trailers promise Phil in tonight's Vincent, and there had better be. I like DCI Driscoll: one part Mack, three parts Gene. I wonder if Gene has his hooks in Phil now, as pre Gene, there was no sign, but, my gosh, a lot of Gene tics in last week's ep, oh my, yes.

Last night I was in the thrall of that golden, green eyed god of war known as Sharpe. OMG, he was gorgeous. Lots of lovely, lovely shots, all that golden sunshine and golden hair, and, well, thud. I can see how even normally jaded types might go weak at the knees, especially when that wicked, wolfish grin comes into play.

Last night it was Sharpe's Enemy, the one where Teresa buys it (saving Liz Hurley, of all the ignomious deaths), Obidiah proves hard to kill indeed and stalwart sidekick Fredrickson is introduced. Sharpe also gets his kick up to Major by royal decree no less, and is again demonstrably a darling of Wellington's. Can no one resist his cocky bastard charms? Apparently not.

So, quite a cracking episode, and my favourite actually, or one of my top five anyways (sometimes it changes) as characters exit, character are introduced and Sharpe gets to do some proper soldiering and outwits the enemy by being very clever and cunning and always going to great lengths to hide his wits, too, like pretending not to speak French. He's had a good teacher, methinks, in playing the fool. Mind you, Sharpe has lived by his wits and ability to fight since a wee bairn, so it's small wonder he can run rings around cosseted fancy boys and inept managers. I just really liked the way Sharpe kept his ideas close to his chest and played the fool. I mean to use it in a still brewing fic (which I meant to write today but Gene and Sam monopolised my time). I also really loved the way he stopped Fredrickson and Harper from brawling on his behalf with just a slight gesture. It was such a lovely touch. Of course they'd need to know their commander's thoughts with just a flicker, but it was still nice to see.

Poor Sharpe, too, all angsty and grief stricken, and a damn sight guilty too, I should hope, cheating on Teresa the very day she dies. It was heavily foreshadowed, too, which was a bit clumsy, but I liked it. I liked Sharpe in love. Pity about Teresa, she could have been the making of him, teaching him so very much. She really made Sharpe the man he became, building him up rather than tearing him down like the evil Jane.

Oh, look at me, dribbling all over the place over Sharpe. Basically, I really liked the episode. Lots for Sharpe to do, and look so lovely while doing it. The whole bit with the rockets was fun too. And speaking of the moon, I'm up to the Dalziel on the moon story. I kid you not. Real, actual D&P story. When authors write fic?

In other news, it's a lovely, warm sunny, bright blue winter's day. I walked down to the Quay. It was crowded, but I found a wee fish and chip shop that serves the nicest crab claws I've ever had. Yummy. Okay, not a health food, but so not caring. Besides, my lunch engagement cancelled.
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