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a shitload of dim sims

Oh, this is all over the place. I tried to write it in bits at work but I was too busy and too bullied. Now I'm watching the end of House. Before, I was drooling over John Simm. Then I was listening to Stephen Fry while typing. See, multitasking :)

Meant to do stuff yesterday but fell asleep after Time Team. Was all pooped from a grand day out. Went to see the TV exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum. Loads of fun. At first it didn't look that promising, but it went for a bit, covered loads, and then I started playing all the clips. Like the infamous deli bomb blast in the infamous Number 96. I was just stunned by just how 24 it was, a good thirty years earlier. I mean, full on 24, split screens, clock counting down. You have to see it. You won't believe it. Pioneers or what?

Then there was the Aussie cops section: Police Rescue, Homicide (the brown suit, the door slamming, the hats), Divsion 4 (real stockinged bandits, car chases and fisticuffs and cardboard boxes, though the funniest bit was watching how to perform car stunts when the car obviously has to be returned - very, very carefully) and Matlock (John Hargreaves and Pamela Stephenson as wild at heart violent young thing, again, pioneering). Then there was Bluey, aka Bargearse. It's hard enough watching LOM without thinking of Bluey. Now with Bluey back in recent memory, I suspect it'll be nigh on impossible.

Other highlights include clips from Bodyline (young Hugo Weaving), Rush (Sgt McKellar, droooooool), and the very tacky Whiplash, an Oz western featuring Peter Graves. No, really. Ah, remember when we used to make tv shows? Remember when they were bloody good? I'd do anything to get some Homicide or Division 4 on dvd. And Rush, oooh, baby.

There was also some cool kiddie memory stuff, like the book from Adventure Island (one of the most treasured relics I've ever seen under glass), Percy (aka Shirty), Ossie, etc.

The news and docco stuff was cool, too. Lots of war zone souveniers (Oz journos are kleptos) and poignant news clips from the 50s til now. watching the old credit was a real nostlagia rush.

And the ads! No performance of Hamlet could ever equal the pathos of the death throes of Louie The Fly, imho. (AP knew all the lyrics, too.)

Just fabulous. Why don't we do tv any more? oh, right, that US free trade agreement, boo hiss. Sad, my culture is an amusing museum sidenote.

Can we have some of this stuff on dvd at least (at least all the mini series are).

Finished up with afternoon tea in the Chinese gardens (there were dim sims, but not quite a shitload - cf Bargearse) :D Left before one of the enormous carp ate the wee duckling. After several near misses I couldn't take it any longer. :\

Had a lot of fun reading about the Grant Morrison panel (see below). Naturally, all roads lead back to Sam (whether I want them to or not) and while I'm not sure Sam is a superhero, he's certainly on a hero's quest. Sadly, Sam is an utterly clueless hero, chasing up blind alleys (or not) in his quest to get home, but, alas, he has many tasks and transformations before he gets there (well, eight, at least, and come on, John, I've got heaps more ideas for S3. Call me. Really, mate, I can do you a third series, no worries, byo sesame oil and batteries). Actually, Sam's cluelessness (Why am I here? Where is here? Am I alive? Mad? Dying?) and his chasing of false clues and quests not only reminds me of young Percival chasing all over for the Grail (failing but picking himself up and trying again, the essential heroic character), but also, somewhat cruelly, of Bottom in a Midsummer Night's Dream. Instead of the head of an ass, our hero has been touched by the flare fairy, but he's certainly been messed with by forces unseen and put into play, for either amusement or for personal growth. Maybe both. Bottom didn't have a hugely transcendational experience (he basically stayed Bottom, in whatever form), but Percival did. Which is Sam?

Not to say Bottom is completely foolish. He questions reality, he interacts with supernatural beings, he experiences the fairy realm, he has humour, he deals with what is dealt to him, he is a working man thrust into a world where his rules do not apply. Nah, not seeing it myself (mind you, as always, I'm cherry picking, but it's fun).

Note to self: never google the word "Bottom". Not even if you're talking Shakespeare.

Am still thinking upon the Western themes in LOM, but for now, as the hour draws late, I shall leave you with a quote from you know who, just because it tickled me so: "But yes, those alluring sugarfoots are so often the dark horse to watch and be surprised by, just ask any bewitched marshal"

So many bewitched marshals, too. Sadly I seem to have packed away all the Western lore that used to swim around my head with the dvd collection. What I need is a weekend alone with my dvd player and a notepad. For real this time - whenever I plan a research weekend I seem to end up holding a mop and bucket.

And speaking of life's little annoyances:

Things that really drive me up the wall: people who feel the need to make loud audible eating or drinking noises. You know, all that lip smacking, slurping, chewing, crunching, gasps, gulps and post coital exhalations. I even knew someone once who felt the need to go "yumyumyumyum" whilst eating. Just quit it, will you, or that food/beverage you're enjoying so insanely loudly will be going in backwards. And don't get me started on people who clatter and rattle and scrape their cutlery so loudly I can hear it in another house, never mind another room. Arrrgh.

Ahem, not that we got up on the wrong side of the bed or anything (a physical impossibility in my dung heap anyway).

In RL news, my cuz is quietly taking care of my quota. And OMG, baby toys are so disturbing these days. It was hard to pick the most traumatising, nightmare inducing horror that will always lurk in the back of the mind. Hopefully, I've chosen well (insert evil manical laughter here, but I think I traumatised myself just scrolling through ten pages at amazon, yikes). Can't sleep. Clown will eat me.
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