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Forgive and Forget

How not to tell someone you love them

Meet Theo and Dave. They're mates.

Theo drives a bright pink VW.

Dave really wants to shag him rotten.

Random pretty.

Theo has a bird. Oh dear.

Mutual plastering.

Random pretty.

Dave really, really wants to shag Theo.

Random pretty.

Gratuitous pretty.


Random pretty.

We all scream for ice cream.

The boys run away to Brighton together

Hand porn

Neck porn

Dave really, really, really wants to shag Theo.

He's very Sam like here, I think it's the hair brushed forward and the angsty expressions.

Theo's bird finds out about the Brokeback beach excursion. He is so dumped.

John is waiting to take your call...

Random pretty.

Ambush date. Don't try this at home, kids.

Things do not go according to plan. Lots of angst pretty.

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