mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

Got the right day but I got the wrong week

This will necessarily be brief because I am knackered. Last week was a bit of an ordeal and I stiff upper lipped my way through it, so I've sort of fallen into a bit of a heap today. Sadly, no promised screencaps today. Much too tired.

Tired of Simm? Not quite. Funny, I was just starting to think Richard Coyle might be my bunny du jour but before the thought could even form fully in my head "BOINK!" One State of Play ad. Worship me! Worship me! Worshiping, John, just not capping.

Ah yes, Strange. I adore that show. It's just a British monster of the week show, nothing more or less, rather like Dr Who, and yet I still adore it. It's fun, and I can't ask for more than that. Besides, it's fun to see RC playing it angsty and tortured for a change, and could Ian Richardson camp it up any more than he does?

Also watched some Veronica Mars. Having had my expectations shunted to ground level, I was pleasantly surprised to find annoying new characters quickly sidelined and the show slowly getting back to business. Phew!

Saturday was not spent wallowing in the 70s as intended. Friends dropped over, and, while pleasantly diverting, there was that whole Spray and Wipe ad frenzy going on beforehand.

Prior to that, it had been a damp Saturday morning indulging in ancient Countdown cliips (and I was right about Bon Scott's trews). Glorious stuff. I highly recommend any of the Countdown dvds, especially the 70s and early 80s ones. Oh, there was a lot of "Darryl, you spunk!" going on - heh. Lovely, silly stuff. Watching Skyhooks, et al, it occured to me that while the US had Watergate and the UK had the three day week, we had Gough and we were having the time of our fucking lives. It comes through the perfomances so joyfully. Best bloody place to be: Oz in the 70s. Sam might grimace at Manchester in the 70s, but I would just clap my hands with glee. Such happy, silly, sexy times.

And OMG, talk about eyebrow raising, from "Jump In My Car", to "Are You Old Enough" to the song that nearly choked poor keiko_kirin to death: the entirely unambiguous "I Like It Both Ways" (and John Simm can thank his lucky stars that Dell Boy is too buggered these days to commit any acts of necessary inspired wickedness). Frabulous stuff. God bless the 70s!

Btw, the trousers should be much tighter on Life on Mars. To hell with John Simm wanting any more kids, bring on the historical accuracy, I say. And bring back crotch cam, while you're about it.

Anyhoo, it was supposed to segue into a massive 70s fest, but there was just a cracking episode of The Sweeney on UKTV that night. Everytime Maureen Lipman kept eyeing off the lads, we kept thinking "Hungry! Hungrrry!". Hee. The lads actually stuffed up this one. It's one of the things I like about The Sweeney: half the time they lose or the ending is ambiguous. It's not all banging up villains in time for tea.

That's pretty much it. There was The Saint, Bleak House and Minder. Not much else. Some mandarin jam was made, too sweet for my tastes.
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