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It's cold and it's wet and it's dark. Most unseasonal. Yesterday I was in summery silky blues. Today it's back to fuzzy brown jumpers and big black boots, all the better for stomping through wet grass with. The neighbours still have grass. We don't, it's mostly dead, but, hey, no mowing. There is some, near the reees where I've been tipping my buckets. Yep, good old me has been showering with buckets, so I can throw my hopefully not too soapy run off onto thirsty trees (the new shower is a stall that defies plugging, so I can't fill it up like the old tub). I've been using all my alledgly all natural soaps, anyways.

So I'm wondering who the crazy drunk is up the front of the bus, caterwauling, shouting and laughing to himself. Then I realise it's...the bus driver. Brilliant, especially as people here go nuts on the roads after a long dry. Never mind, made it in without mishap. Discovered none of the pages I'd set to upload after Roswell (a Max/Michael episode, one of my faves and therefore a must see) had in fact uploaded, despite the ftp prog's assurance that they had. My fault, I didn't double check because I'd been disconnected, I was really, really tired (fire bad, tree pretty) and it said they were there. Hmph. Man program lie like man. Hmph.

This was after the usual dinner, finishing off the silverware at last - all polished. And what a motley collection it is too, half of it bearing the stamps of long since ceased chains of hotels and shipping lines. Ahem, not that there's a gene for swiping silverware or anything, I mean, Sarah said she was only minding the pieces of silver, and if those butlers could get off, why did my ancestor have to be transported? Hmph.

This was after I decided to go home early because I couldn't find where the files I wanted were hidden on the network, certainly not under anything useful like library/menu/index.cfm. Oh no. Then Aged Parent rang in a fluster, having refused delivery of some package from UPS, as she didn't know who UPS were and they weren't the postman so who knows what it could have been. My express delivery from Amazon as it happened. Cost me $75 to get it shipped out via UPS because I didn't feel like taking my chances and having my packages sloshing around in bilge water for six months like last time, and the stupid woman...arrrrgh. Here's hoping they can dump the parcel somewhere discretely in the front yard and it's still there when I get back, because "I'm not staying home to wait for your packages." It's punishment, you see, she hates it when I get mail from overseas (she hates anything in my life she can't micromanage. I'll end up a serial killer, I swear, just like on Dead Zone last night). I always get punished. And it's raining, so my books will get sodden. Sigh. Mutter. $250 down the drain.

As a coworker commiserated: there's a lot to be said for soylent green.

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