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I need to shave my strawberries. They've gone all furry. Actually, yes, I'm going to throw them out. Wot a waste.

Am tired. Was up late perving over Ben Browder in Fargate. Not sure about the new fundamentalist evil critters, though. And surely for a US show, it's a wee bit pot and kettle. Just a bit. I would not have gone there, at all, if I were them. I can see I shall spend the next two seasons cringing and covering my eyes. Sigh.

But mainly what I watched last night was Sharpe. Yes, it's back on telly. And you were wondering why it was Dick this and Dick that, or have I not posted any of my Dick witterings? Probably not. Never mind. This week it was Sharpe's Eagle, 006 vs 007 (Daniel Craig was in it), the introduction of The South Essex, Simmerson (I'd say he's too silly but sadly real Simmersons are out there, right now, with their MBAs), Lawford being all touchy feely with Sharpe and Sean looking just drop dead gorgeous. He's so very pretty in this one. Sigh, swoon, drool.

I presume you all know the plot (Sharpe gets French Eagle, hope that wasn't a spoiler for you) and the differences twixt book and screen (the plot gets all tangled up in knots, Sharpe is much more of a bounder in the books) so there really isn't much to say other than Sean was gorgeous, and the officers either adore him or loathe him. (Actually, I was beginning to think I'd overdone the whole Lawford thing, but no). Did I mention Sean was gorgeous?

Am also guilt ridden. A few swift sharp slaps today over stuff I was supposed to do but didn't. I'm just sooo disorganised right now. I was little miss desk calender until April, then the wheels fell off. Don't know why, just did. Getting to work with clean undies is a major achievement these days. I think the CF just caught up with me. Can't be arsed to do anything, some days I can't even be bothered posting crackpot theories about Life on Mars. I still feel awful for getting in trouble for not doing stuff like a grown up should. Sigh.

I can't even get this LOM fic scene to go right. Not sure I really want to turn it that way though. That way leads to Hallmark movie of the week - shudder. No, best leave that idea well alone, methinks. See? I'm trying to do Get Carter and I end up with a Jane Seymour tv movie. Gah! So not with it.
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