mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

I've got you under my skin

Thought I'd better try composing myself on paper first again as I seem to have a tendency to run off at the mouth freehand, though those whose wish to avoid a tongue lashing would be best advised to not give me cause, and why am I writing with an Aberdonian accent? Because when I get cranky I get Scottish? Dinnae make me mad or I'll get Celtic on yer arse. J

Heh, it's probably from watching that episode of Samurai Jack with the Scotsman. I love that one. I'm so glad D watches it too so at least there's someone who foesn't give me the blank blinky stare whenever I praise the Jack.

Yeah, so I watch the CartoonNetwork, so I clean during the SuperFriends. Your point being? It has been ever so. Me, being Cinders during my morning cartoons as well as everything else. Actually I rediscovered my love of the classics while spring cleaning. As somebody, not me, has seen fit to break the CD player downstairs, again, I was left with LPs, which were either tragic 80s bands or the stuff I used to pick up for $2 or so at church fetes and the like. The kind of stuff my then friends sneered at, but which has stood the test of time much better than those sneerworthy 80s bands we used to follow. I started off with the soundtrack to Modesty Blaise (recently and shamefully sampled) and pretty soon it was Sinatra, Sinatra, Sinatra, High Society, a bit of Deano and more 60s soundtracks, usually for spy movies so they were extra jazzy. You may mock but have you ever dusted and swept to Mack the Knife? Or washed and polished to I've Got You Under My Skin? Or anything by Cole Porter? Lucious stuff.

Which leads nicely up to Moulin Rouge, which I watched twice this week, once while I was killing my Ewan page. My life is not without irony. At least the command to kill Ewan came down from on high, and the destruction of the web site has nothing to do with him ceasing to please me with his performances. So sad really. Delete, delete, delete...Come what may...


It's sort of why I like Xmas. It's a gentle, seasonal change (and we don't get those here), everything's just a bit different from the ordinary, everything and everyone sparkles just that little bit more. It's not my usual rained down from above fire and brimstone beyond my capability or culpability personal catastrophe kind of change that usually involves me only getting a couple of hours sleep at night. No sir, I do not like that sort of change at all.

Best Friend is still floating above the ground from her good use of the ticket I gave her on Friday. I think she enjoyed it far more than I ever could have, grinding headache or no, so that was a good deed well done.

Speaking of which, after a twelve hour sleep on Friday my concussion had receded enough to allow me to advance up the rickety step ladder without assistance and perch precariously atop chairs to string the last of the decorations. All except my room. I think I still need another good sleep or a good tethering system before I attempt to string the lights in my bedroom window.

Saturday night I did go out, wonder of wonders, with a kind invitation to see Brotherhood of the Wolf, which I loved. Werewolves, Iroquois, Mohawks, chop sockey, sex, violence, 18thC costumes and manners and above all, French history, romance, intrigue, slash, nasty villagers and evil Catholics. What more could a girl want?

Got home in time to see the Biehn too, in Aliens this time. So young, so drop dead gorgeous, and in uniform too. Swoon. Drool. Dribble. Much less Ripley, more Hicks please - my constant and unfulfilled lament. My, he was such a pretty young thing, and oh so serious. How adorable.

Speaking of adorable, lets see if I can catch me some Pete in Queen of Swords, which has just started (at the exciting time of 11pm).

Monday: I'm being kippered again. When I went into work it was so smokey I couldn't see across the steet. It's cleared a bit now that the sun's up. Network is down though. Shucks. I shall have to amuse myself until the techhies get in. Oh, I'm wearing my girly top, my very girly skirt and my girly shoes today. Dunno why. Maybe I just love this time of year.



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