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zen and the art of eating baklava

Sam and the art of dealing with crap. A friend pointed out how lateral thinking Sam was in the pub, wiping out the blackboard menu because it was causing too many complications. So, near weeping at what the client wanted for navigation, I finally just threw it out and gave them the basics. Easy. Done. Thanks, Sam.

I was also inspired by a walk to the library, a nice hot chocolate, and an ancient yellowed postcard of Rabbie Burns that once belonged to a friend's grandfather, that I was just given as a gift. It's quite lovely, as I'm a fiend for old postcards, and I find it strangely soothing. Maybe it's because I'm so used to seeing young Rabbie on every biscuit tin, etc that ever sailed from my rellies over there, but whatever, it's a very calming image. It makes me all relaxed and happy, and I finally had my rip it up and start again eureka moment.

Not much else to report. sleeper_frost sent along a marvelous piece of the deeper meaning of the dates in Life on Mars, which she simply must post to the wider world because it was utterly brilliant. Trust me on this. I am still musing and chewing over the stuff she mentioned, delightfully so. That was a real highlight, anyway, reading that and gasping over the eerie coincidences.

Oh, shit, I nearly forgot, last night I went on a boat. I had entertained every intention of seeing Pirates last night, but two late meetings put paid to that, and hell hath no fury like this girl denied her Depp/Davenport/Hollander/Nighy/Bloom, I can tell you. Teeth grinding away, I stepped out to see the Mexican tall ship that's been tied up in the harbour all week, all lit up like a Xmas tree. Pretty! Entranced, I walked along the Quay and discovered one could clamber aboard and wander about. So I did (tragically sans camera, but take my word for it, a tall ship lit by fairy lights, against the backdrop of the Harbour Bridge, be the prettiest thing ever). So I got to be on deck of a ship, at least, with an old wooden steering wheels and rigging and topsails and shrouds and the lot. Lovely. I leant on the rail and rocked gently and watched the last ferries putter in.

Then I decided to have a coffee in a cafe with a good view of the pretty lit up ship, and they were playing this old 60s jazz, so it was almost like being in an episode of The Saint. Just for a bit.

Once home, I demanded the right to use the large, expensive telly I'd bought for the lounge room, one of the half a diozen times per annum I put my foot down, and wasn't mr grumpy so scowling and unimpressed. However, I just had to show AP yon Evil Archie in Strange. She loved it. Several times bony fingers pinched me and demanded to know if it was a series. Yes, but sadly not on Amazon (at least, not that I could find, as twice this week I've been proved happily wrong).

Ooooh! Baklava! Yummy! Fresh made and gorgeous. Okay, so a not so bad day.
Robert Burns
State Library of New South Wales
State Library of New South Wales
Ships rigging
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Terminus (mythology)
April Fool's Day
May Day
Walpurgis Night
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New Year's Eve
Mushroom magic put to test
Grand Guignol
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The Black Death as a case study
Dead Romans
Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome
Virtual Rome
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The Roman World
A 1929 Topography of Ancient Rome
The Ancient Warfare Articles of Smith's Dictionary
Ancient Rome
Roman Empire
Medieval demography
Plague of Justinian,,2-2267632,00.html
Fathers are out of the picture as lesbians get IVF
Two new TV channels flagged
Microsoft, Yahoo link IM systems
The power of science: Introducing the first Bionic Man
Killer kangaroo was ultimate fighting marsupial

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