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Quote of the day:
"There is respect on both sides - a grudging respect from Gene but he realizes that he sees a lot of Sam in himself. He sees Sam as both his prodigy but also his nemesis. They make a good team. Sam has the scientific capacity and Gene has the instinctive capacity and if you marry the two, you end up with the best detectives money can buy."
- Philip Glenister

Marry the two. Excuse me while I roll about squeeing and giggling like a monkey. Sorry, Gene, you're going to have to wait thirty three years before you can toss the bouquet.

I've just made myself a cup of Twining's afternoon tea - for breakfast. I'm a rebel and I'll never be any good.

But first, to breaking world news: Damocles is down. Damocles is the dead possum who dangled from powerlines over a main road for at least seven months, insprining regular status upstates and several sweeps as to when the little bugger would fall (yes, this is my country, deal with it). Alas, Damocles is no more.

In further breaking news, the tissue box issue has finally been resolved. Huzzah!

Oh dear. There were five or six paragraphs here, that have since been eaten by a wretched PC. Let me try to recap:

Watched episode 201 of Veronica Mars last night. I'm not sure if I'm entirely on board with the rearranging of alliances, and I wasn't at all pleased with the way the writers have turned Logan from troubled teen with a dark past to a one dimensional bad guy. I suspect the actor is less than thrilled with the current direction as he texted in his performance. Sigh. Charisma Carpenter put in an appearance as guest bikini (I suppose she should be used to that now) and we were treated, if that's the right word, to a Steve Guttenberg cameo. At least, I hope it was a cameo. The shocking climax to the episode was sadly unshocking and actually rather bitterly underwhelming as I'd been spoiled, despite my best efforts. Not really sure I like where they're going with this season. Maybe they'll surprise me and it won't be the obvious. We shall see.

I suspect it'll be much the same when I finally see the Doctor Who finale, as, despite sticking my fingers in my ears ala Sam, I managed to spoil myself thoroughly just opening up The Guardian to read with my morning cuppa these last few days. I love newspapers who put the spoiler in the headline. Like the NYT and the last episode of Six Feet Under. I didn't even bother watching the last season. I might catch it if it ever plays at a semi-decent time, but when they started playing it, I was so annoyed, and so aware that all that character's journey was for nowt, that I couldn't be bothered (though, as I said, I might have been more inclined to bother had it not been on near midnight).

I'm not a spoiler phobe, it's impossible when we're anything from a year to a decade behind the rest of the world, but I do sigh, shrug, and regret that episodes lack their punch when I finally get to see them. It's like when we get series here that we know are already cancelled. I just don't bother investing.

Anyway, that was the gist of my previous post, and I skipped over the whining about net connections, dvd burners that won't burn or play, and a lack of time to play all the You Tube links I'd been forwarded. I don't even have time to read the groovy links sleeper_frost sent me, which I really, really wanted to. Maybe tomorrow. I'm trying to write up an oh so po-faced article on themes and archtypes of various films and mythologies to which Life on Mars leans/borrows/steals/compliments. sleeper_frost is very, very kindly helping me with a bibliography, but sadly the academia, she no go. In fact I'm so tired right now that folks getting my last message will probably doubt that English is my native tongue. It's been ages since I've written a paper on anything, I really must get back in the habit, thus I need time to remember how to do it before I even do it.

Ack. Bitten off more than I can chew? Very possibly, in fact, almost definitely, but I do so enjoy baiting The Railway Arms with crackpot theories and observations out of left field. Not being used to Australians, they probably don't realise I'll even adopt a contrary view just for shits and giggles.

Arguing here is a sport you see, not a contest, per se. This would be especially apparent if you could see the lovely photographs of the speakers corner at the Domain, sadly no longer in business. You know, nutters on soap boxes, lots of hairy hippies, but folks would listen and argue with anything and anyone, just for fun. If you could see those pictures, you'd know the spirit in with which I pitch most of my posts. It's just entertainment. I'd argue that buttercups are blue if I thought I'd get a nibble out of it.

Which brings me what I did for lunch. It was my every intention to pop up to the MoS to see the Art Deco pics that I saw in the bus ad yesterday (see, they do work). So I did. It was lovely, screaming brats (quickly removed, yay) notwithstanding. Lots of flapper fashions, grand houses stuffed with art deco furniture (most since torn down) and the first mordern skyscrapers, some few surviving examples of which can be glimpsed in the latest Superman film, trivia freaks. Lovely photos. Some of that pointy art deco furniture had me shins feeling bruised, just looking at them. Ouch.

Anyways, that's me treat for today. Decided against going to the flicks because it's too crowded on half price night, and I'm all grumnpy, and I need to take this grumpiness home and channel it into writing out that rather vicious scene in my head that involved a lot of nasty sex and sharp pointy things. No, it wasn't LOM fic. Heavens no. I need chaps far more indestructible for what the hormones and watching that bit from Caravaggio have coughed up. Wicked boys.
Life on Mars,,1815560,00.html
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Merger of police forces is scrapped

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