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acute mondayitis

Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry. I'd intended to spend all weekend posting nonsense and crackpot theories, but reality intruded. And the world breathes a sigh of relief, spared at least foty eight hours from my inane flu addled babblings (and we're particularly flu addled today and non functioning today)

Those horrid mostly feral favourite bird eating pests had a major cat fight through the backyard, breaking several pots (would that I could seek reimbursement from the "owners"), and, as I didn't have any spare pots, nor means to get to any hardware store or nursery, I had to play musical pots. Which led to a mass re-potting, removal of ex-plants, weeding, raking up leaves, weeds and rubbish, pruning and sawing dead limbs, re-arranging pots and so on, for the whole weekend. Meaning I is knackered now. Beyond knackered. More zombie than human.

I did however get to spent twenty minute reading a bit of that Reginald Hill I ordered from Amazon. Loved it. I've not read a D&P book since I stopped catching the train to work, and I'd forgotten how Peter gives back as good as he gets, snarky poppet that he is, and how outrageous Dalziel is. How crude, how cunning, how quick to temper. I've been holding back when writing Gene, I suspect I might be less restrained now - grin.

Still on coppers, I was bemused when the new style copper, all college trained but regarded as having no street smarts (very D&P) turned up in a velvet tux. Oh the 70s, how I cringe. It was a good story and recently reference on TRA as an example of smarty pants copper vs old school bruiser, but, being The Sweeney, it kind of ended up a draw, with Clever Cop finding the obscure clues but Regan and Carter cleaning up when it came to the hard business of collaring villains. Lovely shootout in an old power station. Peanut gallery was waxing lyrical over the gritty style, until I mentioned that my book made reference to a small budget, hence the guerilla filming on streets and abandoned or wasteland locations, thus the gritty style, much like in the French Connection, rather followed the expediency of filming quickly and on the cheap. Iconic now, though.

I still wonder about what sort of villains they were, not to take pot shots at the police snipers who leant out the windows to wave at Regan like they were kids on a day trip or something.

Also watched Bright Young Things. A cast of thousands, including Bill Paterson, and does Mark Gatiss need to be surgically seperated from David Tennant (who was, indeed, Ginger). This makes the third Waugh fiilm/series in my collection. I quite like Waugh, but I'm seriously over the dramatic bomb drop. Really.

And speaking of David, yea and verily, Doctor Who started on the ABC on Saturday. Opposite Sharpe, which was a test of loyalties, and what a nice Sean Bean double, with National Treasure preceding Sharpe. I swear I was only watching it for the Sean ogling opportunities. It is such a trite platform game of a film, but gave the peanut gallery many opportunities for MST3king it.

Oh, we had to turn of Hitchhikers. This time I made it past the singing dolphins (cringe) but when they cut Arthur's speech about the evils of the Planning Dept for a pointless Working Title romantic skit, missing the whole point (Arthur meets girl, Arthur loses girl five seconds later), well, I was screaming in agony. It was just too awful, too much a leaden fundamentalist reading of the text, and it was cutting out all the good bits. Argh. To the landfill with ye, defiler of scared texts.

Oh yes, also watched Ultimate Force, which I normally wouldn't ever admit to, not even for the Bamber fix, but the guest casts prove amusing, including a very chubby Liz White. (No wonder I dislike her, with long hair, she looks just like me, wot a spaz).

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, I have a new pet. As always, it kinda followed me home. It's a raggedly old cockatoo who has been abandoned to the wild. The poor old thing is completely unsuited to the great outdoors: it shivers with cold, it has to be hand fed, it prefers broken up biscuits, it likes sitting on tables, it associates plates with food and if you say chair it will hop up on the arm rest. It it entirely startle free and gets underfoot. It was starving and demands that it be talked to all the time. So I had it around while working in the yard, from dawn to dusk, but what about while I'm at work? Whoever turned that bird out deserves a good thrashing. I'm not sure knocking it on the head wouldn't be kinder, but it cheered up so much once it (finally) had a full belly, I just couldn't do it (and they're protected anyway, so I never would do it). I have a new pet. Grizzle.

Anyways, despite being Ms Zombie 2006, I ended up doing a happy Veronica dance this morning. I didn't know I had a happy Veronica dance, but the gift of the second season had me squeeing and jigging about. Just on Sunday I was quoting my fave gal and craving S2 mightily. Okaaay, why is Joss in Veronica Mars? I just peeked at ze burning window and there he was. With a name tag. In Veronica Mars. Fanboys R Us?

I'm trying to work out a post on film influences/homages etc for Life on Mars. Ideas? Films? Treatises?

And finally, Ewan is a fruit, or possibly a vegetable:
Comedy star Tate makes Dr Who cameo
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The Persuaders (1971-1972)

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