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Who's sexier, Keira or Johnny?
Orlando Bloom: I tell what, I'll have that squid any day. I'll love a bit of calamari - crackin'. You see the way that thing opens up? Mmmmmmm. OK! Moving on. Yeah! Johnny goes straight into that, didn't he? Wasn't it funny the way it sort of, what did it do all over him? It was weird, wasn't it? It kind of released?

And just when I was begining to seriously mourn the fact that little Orlando had become such a polished PR machine that unwitting gems like this were unlikely to ever fall from his lips again. Hee!

And don't you just hate it when your seriously bad hair day is recorded for posterity?

scary orli

Anyways, what did I watch last night? Smallville, just for the man candy because the plots and acting are woeful. This is even more pronounced when one has been binging on the best the Beeb has to offer. Then there was Fargate with Ben, and those other guys (what were their names, again?) running around with the silly plots and the cardboard sets but never mind. I'm just watching for Ben now. Once upon a time, Stargate actually had a point, a mission statement, even, but no longer and the big bads are neither big nor bad, at least thus far. You'd think I'd be gutted over the end of Jack/Daniel, and while I can still manage the odd squee for repeats, I'm largely over it (have shiny new toys) and Stargate really is getting stale. Maybe it gets better once it revs up. I mean, I still like it, I still stay up for it, but it doesn't thrill me the way it used to. Time has moved on, Stargate hasn't.

Then I flipped over for Touching Evil, the proper, way cool, Robson version (accept no lesser US versions). Love it. I just love the lighting, and the scripts and Robson's blue eyes. Enjoyed that, anyhoo. Fell asleep before the Phil fest, but it's probably right that at least I get some sleep.

I was also reading my latest Dalziel and Pascoe acquistion. and loving it (why aren't they on dvd?). Lotsa fun. I brought it with me today, because I could have had it finished by now if I'd remembered to bring it before, what with the three hour nightly bus jams. You know that scene in the original Time Machine, starring fellow Westie Rod Taylor? That bit where he sits in the machine and the shop window keeps changing as the eons whirl by yet he stays stationary? That was exactly what it was like these last few nights on the bus. Sigh. Grizzle.

Still thoroughly enjoying all the Sam/Gene/Life on Mars ramblings. Am now blessed with four additional plot bunnies to play with, all arising from chatter about what could possibly make the characters tick:

Plot Bunny 1: Somebody seriously fed up with Sam's holier than thou ways finally starts talking about the large elephant in the room: Sam's insanity. Possibly a grudge-fuelled fed up bunny boiling Annie (because Ray would be too easy and not smart enough to make it really stick).

Plot Bunny 2: The dirty Freemasons plot, as Sup. Rathbone decides to pluck out the annoying little insect that has burrowed under their police discipline board hides. Sam made a big mistake bringing himself to their attention.

Plot Bunny 3: What happened to Sam's predecessor? Was he sacrificed for expediency by Rathbone? Has Gene seen too many deputies picked off in the past that now he keeps himself as the lone sheriff in a dodgy town? And should I ease off the Deadwood viewing?

Plot Bunny 4: The OMG spooky dark myth laden gothic one.

Well, it keeps me off the streets.

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