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Warning: light southerly breezes followed by a major rant and some showers.


Please excuse the brevity. Have been wallowing delightedly in more Sam and Gene swoonage elsewhere. Ah, bliss.

Anyhoo, didn't get up to much aside from arriving home to discover the good fairies had been, dropping over fruit 'n' veg, a box of faux German jaffa cakes (which are far better than the too stale after six months in a leaky boat Brit ones we have to pay ridiculous prices for in ex-pat shops) and a disk of goodies. All because I was too busy sulking (and sorting disks) to go out on Sunday. Happiness.

Actually, since friends X and Y are responsible for one disk box each, I really should be much, much nicer to them. You guys are my media collection. Love and hugs.

Amazon also startled me by not sending my last order to Austria, so I was also blessed with the Dalziel and Pascoe on the moon story that I had to have after reading about it in SFX (it's a real D&P book!) and Quatermass, the 2005 version. Had to get it, especially after that other weekend of throughly enjoying Blackpool and the 50s Quatermass. If only I could combine my loves. Just for once: easy peasy. One David Tennant in Quatermass, all mine to enjoy. And I did. The acting was a bit ropey, being live notwithstanding (some of the actors were in dire need of more theatre hours, tv faves though they might be) and the plot was so truncated that I had trouble following it, even knowing the story, but David was cute and that's all I really wanted last night (well, maybe I was hoping for it to be slightly better than it was).

Oh, he looked so young, which is a worry because it was only filmed last year. All that running up and down corridors must really take it out of one.

I also caught Chris Martin being interviewed on Enough Rope. He looked nervous but he was quite intelligent, articulate and on topic once one could get past the constant squirming in his seat. I was interested to hear what he had to say about creativity, etc. I did like his comment re criticism about how he couldn't understand why films, music, etc, intended purely for entertainment and pleasure, should attract such vitriol, especially when people don't have to look or listen if they don't want to. Or read, I might add, but I don't want to start that up again. I just nodded in agreement. (I could add his comments on critics and his personal reponse to criticism, that it makes him extremely offensive in defence mode, but I won't, but so very ditto).

Work aside: you should see this bloody "knowledge map" I've just been handed. More arrows that Custer's Last Stand, I swear.

Ack and ouch. At least the flu that's been frying my brain has receded, but I think it's just a case of it being no match for Big Bertha. Yes, I've named my right ovary, but only for the agonies she ccauses me, all piss and vinegar and kicking and thumping about and greeting and making me vomit on the spot, amongst other unsavoury attributes. The bitch that keeps me up all night with hot water bottles and has me doubled over at my desk (not to mention being all extra pithy). I'd cut the cunt out in a heartbeat except for just one thing. It's from Bertha that all the hot Sammy sex comes from. So I endure, all the better to write teh p0rn.

So don't tell me I don't suffer for my art. Blood, sweat and tears she costs me, but I wouldn't write otherwise, so it's a case of grin and bear it. At least I was writing this morning. Which is a vast improvement on yesterday.

made by johnsimm


Hee. I've been having wonderful chats re the magic that is Sam and Gene (some of which you can catch over at Yahoo).

Which is pretty amazing considering I just announced my inability to spell three word letters. Time to go home, methinks. Am not really at top form. Wasn't last week. Nor am I having a good week. That sod keeps over-writing all my work, but it's just typical male merde. You know, the way they can't post a simple email without fiddling with all your settings, some of which can never be returned to their just right position. Hmph.

"I was just trying to improve it."

And I was just working out where to dispose of the body. What can I say, it irked me. Like I finally lost my temper yesterday, big time, because, mid job, I had to leave to pee, and I said "don't touch that, leave that, just don't go near it" but no, touched, ruined, destroyed. Sorry, was I too ambiguous with the whole "don't touch" thing? Gah.

So yes, there was tantie. Well, it had been brewing like a storm of the coast for a while. Some delicate middle class folk think I'm well out of order if I raise my voice or be snitty. Sorry, default settings, ducks. Me actually losing my temper involves property damage and/or gbh. People who think I've lost it because I've told them to eff off do not realise I'm fuming and sitting on the urge to rip their bloody arms off. Some smugly insular bastards glide through life with no idea of the depth of the raging boiling seas of my hatred towards them. But never mind.

Yes, I am very, very grumpy. Bit of a tech breakdowns/over work/flu/bastard co-workers/bastard shop ninnies/bastard everyone kinda simmering stew of resentments. Bubble bubble boil and trouble. That sort of thing. The usual monthly merde only early and with extra saltiness.

I was also not best pleased by the disasterous Saturday shopping expedition. You know, the one that involves hardware stores, stores not having anything, despite phoning first, waiting 45 minutes for service, lugging what I could get back (30+kgs) by long walks and hourly public transport, which I am still feeling, btw. Had intended to spend Saturday chatting online, then maybe writing and finishing off with a dvd, so yeah, not happy.

Sunday was spent mainly sulking and stropping. I did get online for a bit, but I was only up for downloading piccies.

I did watch Jericho. I liked it, kind of, but it still failed to grab me, and sadly they did not off that annoying little berk who had so far leeched away my enjoyment of the series. The plot was somewhat pedestrian, though I was pleased to see tv gangsters from the 60s and 70s freed from sitcom duties to be evil shites again. That I did enjoy. The London fog subplot was bemusing in a remember the bad old days kinda way (frankly no, not born yet, nor born in London, dash it all, and don't get me started on being a stranded child of an ex-pat with all my fam being back in the UK), and really, all I could think of was that it was a cheap ploy to disguise non 50s streets. Too cynical? The whole series seemed a too cynical exercise in nostalgia, but never mind. It just seemed to lack the pumping heart of Life on Mars. see, retro dick stories can be done badly, or at least, not as well.

Tried watching Blue Murder because I still have a soft spot for Ian Kelsey, but alas, fell asleep.

OMG I've just been put in charge of the stationary cupboard. My career is looking up.

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