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Ever had a couple of emails you felt like printing out, clutching and blubbing "you like me, you really, really like me".

Well, I don't think I could ever be quite that wet, but I'm well chuffed. I've just had a couple of completely brilliant posts that have restored my faith in humanity, Life On Mars and Sam and Gene, and that's in no particular order, either. I just want to race home and wallow in dvds, which is beyond price and no mean feat as last week I couldn't bear it. In fact, I've got two episodes in my bag (sharing the love) so I'm really having to sit on my hands here.

Especially as work sucketh the big one. I've been white-anted so badly I just don't care any more. I might as well watch telly. Or at least devote my passions to work that at least a few folks appreciate (and thank fek for that).

Okay. Last night I enjoyed Vanity Fair. The one with two Beckys. The rather boring Bollywood film one that at least boasts James Purefoy and Jonathan Rhys Meyers but nothing can hold a candle to Phil's definitive Dobbin and I was grateful to have so recently seen the Beeb version because otherwise I would have quite lost the plot. Compressed into a two hour film the characters swing from love to hate so fast they all appear bi-polar, an unhappy consequence of skipping over so much plot and character motivation to get to the big showy scenes, which fall flat as there was no build up. Ah well, pretty boys in uniform was a pleasant enough diversion as I was quite verklempt over the whole unhappy work sitch and had been banished to my room with a hot chocolate and a box of tissues.

Then I decided to gird my loins and attempt to teach myself how to set the timer on the new dvd/vhs recorder beast. Insert Grumpy Old Woman diatribe here about how unjust it is that manuals become ever increasingly complicated as I become ever increasingly stupid. Anyway, I think I managed it. We'll never really know because I couldn't get to sleep and ended up watching something entirely different so I turned the whole thing off. Btw, I loathe the hair trigger that thing has. I just have to breathe on it and it'll light up and start doing things. It's just such a nuisance because in my tiny room I'm always tripping over the telly etc as I stagger blindly out the door in the mornings and it just annoys me no end that I have to wait around before I can shut the bloody thing off. If I'm really clever I'll knock into it on the way back and set it off again. I need a bigger room, obviously. One of them modern mcmansion caverns with 53 sockets. Wouldn't it be loverly.

Anyways, ended up watching House/Prison Break, though mostly House, because of all the House/Wilson domesticity. Hee. (At some point Gene and Sam should end up room mates, ala Dalziel and Pascoe. Pretty please). Nothing beats a good odd couple episode. Why, it's practically canon now, isn't it. Maybe Fox should have had a vote for House/Wilson option afterall - grin.

Then I ended up watching NCIS/writing Sam/Gene for a bit. I still think they could do so much better with this show. I've seen most of the actors be so much better. The scripts are retreads and the jokes (racist, sexist, homophobic) all belong in the bad parts of the 70s, but I'm used to having it on as background noise, and I'm still a bit of an Illya fan.

Actually, it's kind of horrifying just how racist, sexist, homophobic etc NCIS is compared to LOM which is just trying to be bad like the bad old days. (cf The Railway Arms).

Oh, distracted myself by popping onto TRA again, posting all sorts of nonsense, which I do when I'm bored. Bordom and a net connection are a terrible mix where I'm concerned, I'm afraid. I might just piss off early and do something slightly more constructive. Clean my room? Perish the thought. I was thinking far more esoteric uses of my time.

Oh, this is weird. This day started out so shitty: other folks was up this morning, hitting me up for money, getting in my way and putting the boot in by asking "You're not wearing that, are you?"

Well, yes as the only other thing not in the wash is the bright orange top and I was saving that for Friday. Why do I have a bright orange top? It's for when I get sick of all the shades of black and brown that make up my winter wardrobe. And if you didn't know black came in a variety of shades and tones, then you don't buy clothes as cheaply as I do - grin.

The only other top lying around was the bright purple one with the big pic of Michelangelo's David on it, and that just wouldn't do for work. Not when somebody actually complained about all the postcards and paintings I was posting back to a friend, who had requested "men, lots of men" for her postcards, and who had been faithfully pinning them up on my desk in my absence. So that's a no to David, most brilliant work that he is.

So I missed the bus. One long cold wait later the next bus was crowded and no bastard would move themselves or their dunnage off the seats so I had to stand all the way into the city. I was not pleased. But then I had the nice emails, and a couple of old friends have just phoned/emailed/written out of the blue. You really do like me?
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John Simm interview

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