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When the river runs dry

Interesting day yesterday. Fearless Leader spotted them first. I always said we were so high up, and for the moment, the only tower hereabouts, that we could operate as firespotters and there they were, fires in every window, billowing rolling waves of think smoke across the plains. I wish I'd had my camera at work because the photos I took later just don't do it justice. It was an impressive sight. Of course, bushfires are evil and the people who set them should be flayed alive like Warren, but when you see those thick rolling walls of smoke, you can't help but stand in awe. It's a force of nature thing.

Bushfires 4 Dec 2002Bushfires 4 Dec 2002
Bushfires 4 Dec 2002Bushfires 4 Dec 2002

And sitting here in my crappily built concrete (I hope) tower does not make me immune either, and it is cappily built: I knew it was shockingly windy because my window was rattling furiously again. It always makes me nervous when it does that. So anyway, the lights were going up and down rather badly, though D was gaslighting me and assuring me they weren't. The lifts started behaving erractically, sorry, more erractically than usual, stopping and starting as the power flickered on and off. Deciding that working live on the CMS was a bad idea at this point, I skipped off early. It was as hot as Hades and the wind was bowling me down the street, so you can imagine - strong enough to move a car. Came home to find mother had left the poor hysterical budgie out to be buffetted and turned about by the wind. The poor thing was hanging onto the bars and screaming. I took him inside and it took me an hour to calm the poor lil critter down. I'm surprised he was still alive in the morning but he was munching and peeping last night after a few hours so I guess he was over it. That was one terrified budgie.

Due to all the smoke about the eclipse was rather washed out, though I managed to see a bit of it through pinhole cam before the thick clouds of smoke obscured it entirely. Last time I saw an eclipse I was a wee girlie and we were visiting a family friend who had been the eye doctor on tv warning everyone not to look directly at the eclipse. Come the big day who was the first out the door staring straight up at the sky? Yep, Mr Don't Look Directly At It himself. It always amuses me.

After that it was Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel and Buffy until I fell asleep. These too hot to sleep nights are really starting to catch up with me. Still, I enjoyed Dark Angel as it starts to move towards the big finale and Alec was nicely sympathetic for once. All sweet and dewey eyed. Man, I'm going to miss him.

Actually it wasn't a bad day at work, natural disasters aside. The cms that we built is up and running and though TPTB have yet to see it, I think it's mighty fine. I really like the nav system. I managed to ditch pop up heir menus for a simpler folding tree men that looks quite swish once we tarted it up. We also had cake, as C brought in Xmas bbq leftovers. C was feeling under the weather but we established it wasn't the mud cake, so that was okay - grin. I like my team, I really do. I'm starting to settle in (which means we'll be moved about come Feb no doubt). That's one of the problems of going into the city - running into the very people who caused you to leave your previous sweet jobs. Oh well. At lot of people I used to work with (and like) are also working out here now in this cardigan ghetto they're building. I run into them when I go shopping and it's always nice. It's not always so nice in the city, so that much is a plus for being out here - lunchtime errands often turn unexpectantly into happy social occassions (I'm always running late back to the office these days). Whereas in the city I tend to resent people I've chaffed under hoving into view, especially on my day off, but it's all water under the bridge now, I guess.

Speaking of water under the bridge, or a complete lack thereof, the river is dry, completely dry, like I've never seen it in my life before, and I grew up during the last two worst ever droughts on record. I could walk across the river without even needing to lift my skirts, it being nowt but a puddle. Sigh. It was just getting back to being a river too, I was even seeing waterfowl about and there were never any birds, or fish, or much marine life at all when I was growing up, it being one of the most polluted stretches of water in the world at the time, a silvery mercury slick/scum on the water, stinky grey rubbery mud on the banks where nothing grew, nestled as we were between Union Carbide and the oil refinery, fer starters. Think New Jersey - though I actually found New Jersey strikingly beautiful - that's how yucky my hometown is. Once as children we ventured down to the river to do a project on pollution and a friend's dog had it's back leg taken off by a shark. It scrambled ashore spraying bright red blood all over us - how very Stephen King of us, especially as we were indeed nine at the time. Oh well.

I wonder what that bird was that rose startled from the creek, or what was the creek, this morning. It looked herony, but I'm not sure. I really need a book on local birds - all my bird books are for birds in other countries, as I always like to do a bit of spotting in my travels. I have very, very itchy feet right now and it's even et tu tree with its space needle, mountie and London bobby dangling there reminding me of tales and travels past. My feet are so itchy that even my horoscope says I must lock away my passport and resist the urge to travel. Why, I ask, though I know I have duties that keep me tied here. Sigh.

Lastly, but not least, here's a pic of satan's own Xmas deccie which I found the other day, discarded on the floor of the shop by some horrified Christian. Heh. The poor Taoist/Communist/Buddhist who was making these was obviously stringing them every which way and not really getting that there's a right way with this particular decoration, as well as a wrong way. Hee. How could I possibly leave it behind? The trick is now to see if anyone notices.

satan's own Xmas ornament

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