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life and death and the free market economy on mars

Are we sitting comfortably? Good, then I'll begin.

Have you read the tags yet? Scared? Fetching the men in the white coats already? Or shaking your head over my proclivity to buy and watch bargain bin dvds?

You know, if I was going to be censured over anything in my ramble yesterday, I thought for sure it'd be for slashing Quatermass. I thought for sure that was where I'd trangressed.

Mind you, you have to see it, Roney grabbing at Quatermass, Quatermass moaning and groaning and clutching at Roney and screaming that "It's growing stronger! Can't you feel it!" Cue me just about aspirating my dinner. Yeah, damn right I'm watching it wrong, though if you watch the last reel, especially, as a love story then it carries a greater weight than just saving the world because it's 'the right thing to do' (and that is debatable, and not a point they shy away from, either, bless 'em). Ah, mad, horny scientists in lurve. What could be better? Or scarier?

I thoroughly enjoyed Supernatural last night. At last, it went hardcore. At last, I loved. Has it always been like this, was it just the later timeslot? (I was certainly glad of the late start as I was held back at work and had no buses). There was angst, death, sacrifice, loyalty, trust issues, daddy issues, temptation, trickery and a general nastiness that has been so lacking in a series that usually pretends to be gritty but is anything but. Loved it. More of this, please. And it was nice to see the boys actually rise to the challenge. And there's nothing like a seriously bad bad guy who doesn't play by network tv rules (much) and who isn't despatched by a mere sprinkling of fairy dust (nothing worse than a big bad who goes to pieces like a wet tissue if so much as sneezed upon).

Speaking of which...

Heh. Don't ever make a typo and end up with The Santa Pit, because that really is terrifying.
Though The Satan Pit was pretty scary, not so much the Alien ripoff plot but the going to places I don't think Doctor Who should necessarily go. I prefer my SF secular, thanks. Which is why I love Quatermass and The Pit. More God bashing than God bothering, which is just my cup of tea. It's all about the Martians, baby. I really loved the tie in with mythology and the Wild Hunt. Very Omega Factor. Very old school Who. Sadly, not so much now, theme wise. Ah well.

Mind you, now that I think of it, the Santa Pit is pretty damn scary as it is. Aside from the annual B&E, there's the horror of the cold war McCarthy witch hunts contained within the lyrics of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" to consider:
Oh! You better watch out,
You better not cry,
You better not pout,
I'm telling you why:

Santa Claus is coming to town!

He's making a list,
He's checking it twice,
He's gonna find out
who's naughty or nice.

Santa Claus is coming to town!

He sees you when you're sleeping,
He knows when you're awake.
He knows when you've been bad or good,
So be good for goodness sake!

Sounds like old Sinter Klaus used to have a day job with Stasi, methinks. But now I just can't get the idea of a giant Santa chained up in the pit, his red hat shackled to the wall, out of my head. (And, as we know, Martians are no match for Santa Claus anyhoo).

I blame the local meth lab, personally. There were weird chemical smells wafting in all last night and I've the most dreadful headache. What a thing, to be allergic to meth labs in my neighbourhood. :\

Oh man, that headache is getting worse, approaching insanity levels. I don't need it today when I have crap broken code that I have to pick through character by character. With a blinding headache? If you want to punish me for yesterday, between this and losing to Italy (Oz 0, IT 1, which sums up my trip from hell pretty well), consider your job well done. I knew I shouldn't have mentioned the soccer. I am such a Jonah.

At least last night was cool (bloody freezing in fact, but I digress). Sam and Gene have no time for that crabby lot (just like The Wire: Hungrrrry! Hungrrrrrry!). No, my lads were back, if a little introspective, and rather not saying what needs to be said, lest they be considered less than manly men (at least that works for the story, although the boys actually do confide in one another on screen).

Dancing around a couple of quiet moments is nothing though. I am in for such a bollocking for the fic I'm finishing off now, but it was such fun to write, and pointing at The French Connection isn't going to let me wiggle off that hook I've hoisted myself upon, either. Let's just say it was inspired by a Bowie song and leave it at that. Okay I'll add that while what Sam does in the fic would be hugely out of character for canon Sam in the series (and when did this little heretic get so catholic?), as this is a sequel to the other fic I'm working on, hopefully there's some sort of internal logic, or at least some pointers to motivation. Other than that, it was just a cool idea as an excuse to ladle on yet more angst - heh.

Poor Sam. It's all Simmo's fault. If he wasn't the poster boy for angst and insanity and obsessive behaviour I'd never push Sam as far as I do. But it's such fun. Cue evil manical laughter here.

Actually, I might be undercutting myself a little. Part of the story borrows from bits of a Sweeney episodes we wish they'd made discussion a year ago where we cooked up this whole episode. Well, they're not making The Sweeney any more and LOMS2 is almost in the can, so why not borrow the bare bones for a LOM fic? The bit that actually has villains in it? That'll be my proto Sweeney fic.

On another tangent entirely, has BB ended in the UK yet? Will they stop filling the trash mags with their inane bleatings or will they simply go onto something else? I ask because the main reason why I miss stuff in the British weeklies is that after flipping through pages and pages and pages of BB articles I kinda lose the will to live. It's horrible. Make them stop. (Though I've no wish to deny pleasure to millions, the ratio of BB articles to anything to do with DW or LOM is torturous in the extreme).

And finally, can the evil monkey in charge of the server please quit gaslighting me now.
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