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Hmmm. If I do write an Evil!Sam (tm) story (see many musings over at The Railway Arms), assuming I ever finish the next two parts of my current story arc (everything I wrote last night I have to re-write because I forgot the all important Princess Bride bit, sheesh), should I set Evil!Sam in 1973 or 2006 (being an alternate 1973 or 2006 Manchester, of course)?

Basically, it's just following the idea that Sam has shown himself to be capable of being as ruthless, dangerous and manipulative as his father, and this proposed fic would follow along the lines that Vic Tyler stayed, therefore providing Sam with what he most wished for. However, as this is The Twilight Zone, Sam Tyler now grows up to be Manchester's #1 bad boy, instead of a repressed DCI. It's Sam, turned to the dark side, one hundred percent id and very, very nasty (cf Gangster No. 1, Get Carter, Layer Cake, Essex Boys, etc).

I really love the idea, and so do a few other folks, so I'd really like to take it out for a trot. So, ideas? Plots? Premise?

I should be able to do this. I'm descended from villains after all.

Meanwhile, it's wet and cold and I'm awash with tea.

Last night it was also wet and cold and I curled up to watch The Satan Pit. Firstly, I'd like to own up to how sad I was, not only getting too many of the canon references (suddenly the show has reverted to needing the previous 43 years as required reading) but also spotting the monster was very reminiscent of a Blaine type monster. Spot on, apparently (in an alternate reality, Russell and I must be married, or share a brain, or something equally alarming and improbable).

Brief pause here while I squue over David, the dear boy. Who knew how sexy he could make a bright orange spacesuit?

I liked this. I liked this lot. I'm slightly more uncomfortable when shows deal with philosophies/mythologies much more these days than I ever was as a child (my fave stories, once), because the Yanks, especially, have large evangelical barrows to push, but for a UK show, a bit of philosophical pondering can still be an intellectual bit of whimsey. I liked the Doc not having all the answers (or particularly wanting to ask or answer them). I liked the Doc warring with his curiousity. I liked the creepiness, the sense of dread and peril and even the ending, which I'd be ashamed to describe as it was so by the numbers but actually worked really well when experienced. I liked the shippiness, and I loved the chase through the air vents. I was just gagging for a pursuit through the air vents. The premise demanded it, and they delivered. I loved the cast taking it seriously, well, aside from the Doc and Rose. Could do without the OTT humans are so cool squeals the Doc indulges in. He likes earthlings, we get it, moving on now, please. It just seemed pitched wrong when everyone else was all Aliens po faced. I liked all the creepy tatts and glowing eyes and the Oods crawling through the vents.

So yeah, a scary Aliens/zombies/possessed bit of fluff, but nicely done. And we had quarry. Bless.

There was also House/Prison Break, and I was bemused that Prison Break featured the actual House theme, the one we don't have out here. I'll never understand why. And I've finally worked out where I've seen Wentworth Miller before: Buffy. Other stuff too, but that's when I first really noticed Mr Eye Candy.

Then I got sucked into wathing 24, which has just started, and I was so spoiled, just for the first ten minutes, but never mind. I was really into this time around. And talk about the cast that time forgot. I am deeply ashamed to admit I knew who the bad guy was one second in. Surely not, I thought. Surely, yes. Eeep.

Anyways, loved that. I blame the distraction powers of Sutherland Jnr as to why I effed up what I was trying to write so badly.

Ack. The ban on unpaid overtime has been lifted. There go my nights. And I was enjoying getting through my dvd backlog, as well as the odd bit of shopping. Mind you, I've given up trying to prop up my PC with bits and pieces. I'm going to have to save up for a bigger, better PC, $6,000, ouch. Which means no upgrading to digital tv, also $6,000 pa. Besides, it'd be silly to be signing a 12 month contract when there's every chance I'll be redundant or relocated by March. Sigh. At least I could flog the PC to buy food.
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