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Spent most of Saturday morning unpacking, connecting and installing and learning how to use the shiny new dvd recorder (which also involved me moving and unplugging everything else, looking very much like Shiva at one stage, if Shiva had a sideline in flogging electrical appliances, and all the while hormonal and crampy). All this to tape a football docco. Ye gods.

Still, who could resist a cute and earnest wee Simmo? Not me. Not when he's dropping little nuggets like the state of his back garden, and wearing a just about dead Stone Roses t-shirt. Bless. (Though I always found the Stone Roses to be pretentious over hyped Jesus and Mary Chain rip off merchants, but I'd never say that to Simmo to his face, in the improbable event of ever meeting him and being able to make vowel sounds). I was bemused that all the teams he supported lost - Jonah, anyone? Heh. Never mind. John being all dorky and adorable. Loves.

(Btw, not having much luck uploading said file after three days. If ya want it, can I post it? And be warned, when I say my reception is crap, I may be bringing disrepute down upon the word 'crap').

I was, however, gratified to get the chance to test the beast on my very favourite boys from Leeds: The Kaiser Chiefs. Yay. Works okay, bar misleading Japlish instructions, dodgy disks and blizzard conditions reception (which can't be fixed on the short-term).

Immediately apres Simmo there was the Gene Genie himself in a repeat of Hornblower on UKTV. Sigh. Swoon. Pretty much stayed on UTV for the rest of the night, with The Saint, The New Avengers (dire) and The Sweeney.

The Saint was all about murderous psychotic psychology students/teachers, ditto Waking the Dead and Wire in The Blood, making a total of nearly five hours of psycho pschologists. If one were to allow that where there's smoke, in this case, lurid tv plots, there's fire, then that would answer the whole question as to why Neil coaxed Sam into jumping from the roof for a jolly jape in ep 1 of Life on Mars. Apparently, British psych students are just plain homicidal. Okay, then.

Sunday brought forth the mega cramps and the ick factor, so I missed the annual lunch with Mon Onc. Um, gosh darn it? She says, unconvincingly. Wallowed in front of boob tube instead.
Highlights included Jericho, with oh so subtle towel flicking incident to indicate that the main suspect wasn't into girls. How retro. I'd love to love this, but alas, the only character I find at all likeable is dear David Troughton (also appearing with Peter Davison in the soporific Last Detective on Sat nights).

Monday was spent having arguments with Dell Boy. He tried eating my Simmo disk, twice, and I would have been reduced to tears should I have had the strength for it. Tried and failed to upload file of the soccer docco. Nor would my newly purchased external dvd burner work. Tried and tried and tried and failed. I give up.

Ended up watching Quincy and then Diagnosis Murder in a sulk. I meant to switch off DM, because, really, I do have standards, but they mentioned Del Florias and I smirked, expecting Robert Vaughn to show up. Bingo. And Robert Culp. And Patrick McNee. And Barbara Bain. All running around being retired 60s spies. Kinda train-wrecky, but I still had to watch. Let's just say I was all crampy and grumpy so 60s spies (even old wrinkly ones) were comfort food at that particular juncture.

Then I just cracked open a couple of box sts for my pleasure. Watched series two of Sea of Souls and loved just about every minute of it. Very spooky, very atmospheric and much more grown up than Supernatural, though the plots were just as trite, upon proper examination. But with lots of style and panache and lovely production values. I also really enjoyed the addition of Dawn Steele to the cast (featuring the lovely Bill Paterson).

The last story began with a disorientated woman in her night clothes stumbling across the moors (hello Brian Clemens - it's one of his motifs, even if he never penned the episode). It also featured John Hannah, who has popped up all over the place in my dvd collection of late, in zones one and two, ie Carnivale and Alias as well as this and something else that escapes me at this very moment.

It's quite a good series. I do recommend it. Sort of like the Omega Factor, with a budget - grin.

Then I just indulged in a couple of episodes of Blackpool and my all singing, all dancing Detective. Swoon.

The it was Supernatural. Oooh, we had a few moody frowns and terse words, I guess that'll have to count for motivation and character development as the Winchesters ran about a lot, being not terribly effective, but looking badly in need of baths. Mind you, having stayed in the sort of flea pits they stay in, which the prop dept seems to take great glee in set dressing, I'd be adverse to using the facilities meself.

Last episode next week. Then I'll be Jensen-less. Ah well.

That's about it. Had to go to work today, having lost more than half my sick days in a recent IR reform. Not well, crampy and bullied. And I can't get that effing file to upload. Can I post it? Like snail mail post it? Can somome from the Northern hemisphere upload it? I'm trying here, guys, but I just ain't got the technology.

At least yesterday I discovered that I wasn't overheating from hot flushes, nor was the burning smell indication of a stroke. Nope. I'd turned on (in my sleep, as I have no memory of doing so) my old, ratty and should be removed asap for safety reasons leckie blankie. Well, at least I was warm and it helped the cramps marvellous much.

Right now I'm living on chocolate, hot water and mersyndols. Ack. Not happy. And that c**t of a file just will not upload. Argh.

Oh, I did get outside for a bit. Re-potted my cycad, which bit me, lots. It's covered in spines - those brontosauruses (saurii?) must have had hardy gums to mumch on that bastard. I have two ripe cumquats, which, alas, does not a pot of marmalade make (weep) but my olive tree shows no ill effects from his flooding the other week.

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