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This is not, I repeat, *not* and American sitcom!

I was struck with a terrible giggle loop while walking up to the shops today. I just saw something that reminded me of something that amused me in Doctor Who, and I tried to not to smile, which sadly put me on the road to the dreaded giggle loop. I am a such sad git.

Worse, Peanut Gallery loves to point out my favourite episode was written by the man who gave up Patrick's Cupboard Of Love. And, putting the boot inn, PG further expounded that I must really know I'm getting old when I quote Manchild more often than I quote Coupling these days.

Ouch. Ouch Ouch. There's me being carried off the field in a stretcher.

Never mind, picked up a brace of mags featuring the gay science boy. Not all of them, but a brace, enough to keep me amused over the weekend. Mind you, I should have been good and not got the chilli tofu on the way back. The old sonic screwdriver can solve many a mess, but beancurd that runneth over its badly packed box ain't one of 'em.

Walked in during Smallville. It was the high camp, high cholesterol bitches of Eastwick/The Craft one. It is dreadful stuff, but ripe for ripping into. First and foremost, how come the "it wasn't me, I was possesed" excuse only ever works on WB shows? So unfair. Then Evil! Lana, as denoted by the tradiional eyeliner, the bimbo in question having no skills to demonstrate it any other way, whips up a quick spell using an old merlot - cue Sideways comments. Then it just kind of got too awful for words, and I would have changed channels or turned the tv off and read a book had they not had Clark semi-naked, chained up and being tortured at that precise moment. Ahem.

Then I flipped over to Lost and promptly fell asleep. Yawn.

Meanwhile, on Life on Mars (had to mention at least once), they're talking about Sam and Gene mirroring each other. Too cute. The OTP of the year or what?

Btw, I was typing/writing this morning, so that's me and my need to swoon over the lads taken care of for today. Oh Sam, you are a handful and a half.

Meanwhile, lacking a working MP3 player at the moment, I've dragged in my old pocket readio. I see the triplej playlist hasn't moved on in the six months I've missed it. And cover versions of Aristocat songs? Why?
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