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Everyone is wearing brown hoodies in the horrid old bus in the morning. It's like I'm stuck on a bus going to a Da Vinci Code con. Of course, it's all dark and I can only see the brown hoods in the dim light of the one half working light left on the bus, so it's all creepy and I sit there, teeth chattering, thinking the evil bald, albino, kung fu werewolf worshipping monks are here to get me.

No more Doctor Who for me. I haven't even watched the Cybermen episode yet (it arrived last night but I was just a wee bit too knackered to fully enjoy it) and I'm having nightmares already. Cybermen and Daleks were the absolute monsters of my childhood nightmares, the Cybermen much more so than the Daleks ever where, and just seeing the trailer seems to have dredged it all up from those dark corners. Thanks. My nightmares are back to plague me. In widescreen digitial surround sound.

Well, it makes a change from being terrorised by evil managers and fan wankers, as per usual. But I am amused at how deeply the current series taps into all my childish fears and fancies. It's like I'm four again when I watch it. It's very strange. I love it though.

It reminds me of that magical, Neverwhere world where one could imagine all the welders in hoodies as being evil cult dudes, and not get locked up and doped for having such wild flights of fancy, just to pass the time on a grinding commute. And really, isn't that the whole point of stories around the fire? To dust the every day with a bit of the fantastic, just for a moment? To imagine the impossibilities and worlds of wonder, before trudging back to the millstone?

But I digress. Bugger me, but it's cold. I'm definitely in the coldest winter in ages camp. Certainly I'm struggling into coats and jumpers I've not worn in years. Key word: struggle. Oh dear. Well, I did mean to go walking yesterday but it was raining, and my masochism just ain't what it used to be.

Drat. I should never read posts, etc, before I type/write fic. I've been scolded several times over and now I'm far too annoyed to attempt to write anything. Maybe a bit of Gene bluster when I've settled down to a Gene level of outrage. And I was reasonably chipper with my steaming cup of Yorkshire Tea (a souvenier of my recent travels) and everything.

Speaking of annoyed, I've been photographing all the mandarins in this top heavy press release factory, and my first efforts were scorned, my second barely passable and heavily critiqued, but my third go was apparently marvellous. So good that they taunted me that I loved the mandarin in question so much I was going to set up a web site for him. Taunt, taunt taunt, even the sitting in a tree rhyme. This is what I have to put up with. In reply: no, no, and they'll never find your body.


One thing I did enjoy online this morning was the discussion on all the mirroring done by Sam and his father in episode eight. I'd not realised they'd been so obvious as to have them in matching black and white shirts (okay, not so obvious, then), but I did catch the mirroring of gestures, and Sam is every bit as ruthless and ambitious as his father. Sam has demonstrated that he will destroy or discard people to get what he wants, and that makes him a very flawed and complex character, which is why he's so fascinating. He can also turn on a dime, which flumoxes Gene no end. Poor Gene, who so prides himself on being an astute reader of human nature.

I haven't watched the commentaries yet. Won't, because I'm terrified of having 100+ pages of fic torpedoed by a stray comment or lapsed observation, but it is thought provoking, what I'm picking up second hand on the lists. So far, so interesting.

To be honest, I need to make Sam more of a shit, not less of a one. I should stop agonising over whether or not he's being too much of a selfish, self absorbed git, because he is one. I don't have to soften them or sand off the sharp edges. These are hard northern lads, not soft southern Californians. If people don't like my fic, and most don't, sod 'em. At least I'm trying to be true to the characters. Or at least, giving it my best effort. Sam can be a complete and utter bastard at times (but also very sweet, when he wants to).

But, yeah. I'm not sure whether they're saying Sam's the opposite of his Dad or like him, with all the mirroring. I'm thinking that Gene's just lucky that Sam wanted to be a copper and not a criminal. A bit like George Carter, Sam could have easily have gone either way.

Oh, damn! Wish I could whip out the fic, but, alas, too high traffic today to risk it.

At least one of the vistors to track through our room was a lad from maintenance who was turning on the heaters, tomorrow being officially Winter. Never mind that we've all been freezing our arses off with the cold weather and air conditioning and wearing mittens and scarves and beanies and me and my uggies (which just make those pursed pinstripes clench their buttocks tighter when they see me: Bogan Girl). It's toasty warm. I'd not realised just how misery making the air con had been.

Ooh, looks like another late night. Still, sitting on the bus would solve the terrible dilemma of what to watch tonight. We've got Absolute Power opposite House. It's Fry vs Laurie. As Peanut Gallery whined, it's like having to choose which one you like best after a messy divorce. Don't make me choose. Arrrgh.

Hee. I just got filthy spam from a fake name that happens to be the name of the chap who sits next to me. I have to show him tomorrow. It's too amusing.
Doctor Who loses momentum (sub)
Ratings show a dip in popularity for BBC's 'Doctor Who'
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Rare Brunel photographs revealed
Batwoman hero returns as lesbian
The return of Batwoman - as a lesbian socialite
Miranda Richardson: Interview with a stranger
Rome skeleton find pre-dates city
Tropics are expanding, says satellite study team;jsessionid=HVEKLERIMWFLNQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/05/28/nchurch28.xml
Bible supports homosexual partnerships, says bishop;jsessionid=HVEKLERIMWFLNQFIQMGCFFOAVCBQUIV0?xml=/news/2006/05/27/wpolder27.xml
Dutch told to return land they won from the sea
BBC urged give Guy a job,,1786035,00.html
In brief,,1783979,00.html
Chicken and egg question answered,,1786442,00.html
Gore: Bush is 'renegade rightwing extremist',,1786562,00.html
'I told America how to eat Jaffa cakes'
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Off the record
US television crew among dozens killed
Goodbye to perks as work laws bite
How to undress for success
Local Tory chief says 'PM's suicide would cheer us up'

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