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Ah, silliness. First we were giggling over the idea of My Fair Lady as a reality show, with "Just You Wait, Henry Higgins" as Eliza's on camera confessional. Hee. Then Peanut Gallery wrote back to say that Eliza really was a Hungarian agent, planted at Convent Garden. Right, no more Avengers box set for PG.

Anyways, was supposed to be spending some quiet time finishing off at least one of my LOM fics, but instead squandered it watching loads of David Tennant interviews online. At least David Tennant fans know how to upload interviews. Bitch. Whine. Seethe.

Never mind, he's a fun chappie to watch. Actually amusing. Lots of girlie swoon. In fact I was so wrapped up in watching DT, having migrated to DT on dvd, I damn nearly forgot about Simmo on tv. Oh dear.

I did remember though, and I made the most of it, as it's all the John I'm going to get (there's nothing on cable next month aside from the BBC World docco, I saw him in the ad, squee). So there he was in Cracker as a sexually confused young psycho with issues by the boxful. And he was so lovely to watch, being all mad and angsty, which he does so well.

Sunday's Simm was again gay themed, this time John was playing a young chap (Theo) who had absolutely no clue that his best mate wanted to shag him rotten, despite hints so anvil-like that even Theo's girlfriend could spot instantly that Dave was more than a mate, he was a rival. So it played out as a rather nasty little triangle that did not end at all happily, but it was great fun to watch. John was still quite young in this, but there was a scene, where he was all buttoned down and miserable, and suddenly he was Sam. Kind of weird.

John was brilliant as usual. Very pretty and churning through every emotion from delight to agony, angst maven that he is. It's such a delight to watch him change through all those emotions. Such a treat after wasting years watching bad American actors (like Tom Welling, who looks blank whatever the situation - I've seen Ken dolls with more range). John, though, he goes for it, and it's brilliant to watch. This is why I've fallen for him so hard, I get so caught up with his onscreen adventures.

It's probably why he took the role. That and he got to wear a leather jacket again. Being able to wear a leather jacket must be fairly high up on his tickey boxes on whether he takes the role or not - grin.

Anyway, cool, angsty story. Who wouldn't pine away quietly for John. It was so sad, Dave's longing was so heartbreaking. I could have written my LOM fics that way had both boys not equally shared all those intense looks and physical contact (homoerotic bonding, yay).

I know some folks say Gene can't be gay, on account of all his spluttering, but to them I say are you kidding? Gene protests way too much. Most homophobes feel personally threatened, and there's a reason for feeling personally threatened and it usually involves man crushes. Sam even mocks Gene about it, to his face, calling him a homophobe with an unhealthy obessession with male bonding. And, better yet, instead of violent denial, Gene gets all pouty. Wot a queen. And all this in front of Sam's Evil Dad, too. I love my dead/time travelling/mad/comatose gay son - not, I suspect (but that's another 40 pager I've yet to finish, just adding bits of tiz to it now).

So, if you want to imagine how Sam would react if he wasn't so into the male bonding thang, try and see Forgive and Forget (R1 only, alas).

Monday. Wot a day. Wot an absolute arse of a day. Bad enough that I felt like ten times of shit, but I get yelled at by all my lords and masters for not, for once, being able to do six things at once or fix up the bad grammar of folks who went to very expensive schools and are getting paid six times what I am. Worse, the Boss grabbed me in the loo and told me to see a doctor, take a pill or whatever because she wasn't having me coming in at less than 100%. Charming.

So I did what I was told, went back to the Doc, told him I was dizzy, running a fever, forgetting things, had a dry mouth and was dropping things, and he told me to take a chill pill. Sod that.

Oh, apparently I also have a bouncing baby cyst on my ovary the size of a golf ball. I think I'll leave it there, given the alternative. There he was, waving around scans of my unwanted and unused bits. You know, when I hit puberty, like a car crash, the doc told me I could have a hysterectomy or shut up. I chose shutting up. Had I known that no one would ever want my bits, I think I would have had them ripped out and saved myself the bother. Too late now. Could care less. Besides, it's the two solid months of five to nine days that have done for me. I'm going to try and work to rule, just like the Union says. Only not so much luck, with evil overlords being cruel and unkind and very, very demanding. God forbid I should miss another errant comma or apostrophe. I'll just get screamed at again.

My Life on Mars dvds finally arrived but I was far too ill, tired and grumpy to watch them. I'd be all cross and not enjoy it. I did however, flip through the latest SFX. Some stuff worth scanning, including a very nice pic of David Tennant. Oh, you minx, David (and it takes a brave man to wear a shirt like that).

Oh yes, my S2 set of Hustle also arrived. "There'll be a turkey on the table for the Glenisters this Xmas, thanks to you," snarks the peanut gallery.

Tuesday. If only I could wake up to John Simm every morning. That was fun. Got up an hour early and went to work an hour later (not that those lazy sods wot slide in after ten and leave before three because they got kids, dirty, filthy, lazy breeders, would know or notice) just so I could wallow in Miranda, the last Simm for ages, because there's no Simm in the guide next month (pout, whine, grizzle, moan).

Oh, John. So cute, so sweet, so entirely gorm free. He is just adorable in this. No leather jacket but we get loud, loud shirts, worse than anything we've ever seen on Sam (which are too mild, imho), and we get angst, chirpiness, geekiness and, oh, wonderful stuff. There's even singing (don't give up your day job, love). Oh, I get all my treats: John leaning against the wall looking moody, John smiling and grinning like a loon, John being all heartbroke, John crying and wiping away the tears on the back of his hand.

Not afraid to weep on camera is our John. Sam blubbers all the time, the big girl's blouse. Understandable, but rare in an action hero. Ah, but when Sam cries, it's heartbreaking. The first time he teared up, well, there wasn't a dry pair of pants in the land as several million women swooned as one.

Anyway, Miranda, slight of plot, and a little too contrived and campy at times, but John is just magic to watch. I love the way he blinks when told shocking news, I love the mileage he can get out of an eyebrow raise. I love his cheeky grin. I love to watch the poor creature all stricken and suffering. I love him when he's being completely daft.

Yes, I think I'm crushing badly here. Adorable John. Such a delight to wake up to, and I feel so much better. Far better than if I'd taken any of the free samples the doc gave me. No, I'd rather go the Simm cure any day.

Well, that and put new batteries in my wee radio. Save me, Triple J, save me from telling certain dickweeds what I really think of them. (You'll have to excuse the work rants. Everyone's job is on the line and all the managers are running about like headless chickens, demanding work that has sat on their desks for months/years to be suddenly and perfectly complete and in Our Master's in-tray. It's an unhappy time to be a peasant, especially a peasant with flu who'd rather be finishing a fic, any fic).

What I wouldn't give for a bit of free time to write. Poor Gene still hasn't had his blow job, but Sam just missed out on a hand job. Not that he deserves anything. Being very difficult, is young Sam. So difficult he actually has to ask Gene why he won't give up on him. Poor Gene is smitten, and suffering because I do believe Sam, issues boy, is testing him mightily to see if Gene will stick around. If Gene leaves, well, he's like all the rest. So far, Gene is hanging in there. But it has been obscenely hard. The shit Sam has put him through, but that's the story of four unfinished fics, alas.
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