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It's nice to be a lunatic. Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

I haven't really fessed up to all the squeeing I've been doing this week. Not even quietly, either, as I've giggled and gurgled over dvd and web in equal measure.

You see, I've always liked the lad, saw him in Blackpool and Casanova and half a dozen other things the ABC had stockpiled for years and then played all in the one month or so to make it seem like he came out of nowhere. Liked him. Liked him as the new new Doctor. But there's a moment, that moment, in The Girl In The Fireplace when he wanders in singing "I Could Have Danced All Night", that I just fell head over heels completely dippy omg girly squee in love with David Tennant.

I don't know what it was, a hard day followed by a hard night, but the moment he did that, I was gone. In the cold hard light of day it was nothing much and very silly, but I am still gone. Oh man, have I got it bad. Oh, I am so completely and utterly gone. Squee.

Mind you, could he stop referencing bananas. It's cruel. We've got a critical nana shortage going on here. People are putting signs up like: 'No bananas kept on premises overnight'. Yes, we have no bananas. We have no bananas today: Yes we have bananas, but they're now forbidden fruit. I haven't had a smoothie in months. Wail. Whimper. It's cruel to mention the B word so it is.

Back at work. Where else could I go, as my favourite tv angst puppy likes to whine.

Though I do not know why I bother, especially after over two months of five to nine days, over thirty hours of my own private time every week sacrificed in unpaid and unthanked labours, I just get growled at, screamed at and lambasted and then I hear we're getting the broom in March, the lot of us. Well, thanks. It's lovely to be appreciated.

Any wasting of time on websites that may or may not be related to a certain "John Smith" is entirely coincidental. I just don't want to deal right now.

Just when I think, fine, I'll stop here for a bit, I get shafted anyway. And the UK still doesn't want me. Come on, use me, abuse me, just let me have access to that BBC stuff they keep locked behind the firewalls. Let me in! Wail.

Ah well. The only bit of fic I wrote this morning was a one paragraph joke about Skylab, but never mind. Thought ot it watching the stars while waiting forver for the bus last night. My stories are set after #8 so Skylab is up and going by then. It just popped into my head. It's one of the fun things about writing LOM: the things that pop into my head.

I had noodles for lunch. I needed noodles, even though I really, really don't. I forgot to tell you about the tragedy of my best coat. Dug out my best coat, the old muppet pelt, which isn't too bad for a fake fur coat, long and black, for those mornings were it was snowing in the mountains. I hadn't worn it in three years, the last time it was this cold, and I could barely get it on and I was nowhere near getting it buttoned up. Oh dear. Too many BBQ pork buns. Wail. Gnash.

So I've drowned my sorrows in noodles. Very productive. Ah well.
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Yes we have bananas, but they're now forbidden fruit

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