mockturtle (hellblazer06) wrote,

silent scream

Usually when one finishes a fic there is a sense of satisfaction in actually finishing something, and an anticipation of posting on the web and hoping to attract just one email of kind feedback.

Except today of course. Woke up to find my entire website wiped out due to an accounting error at my ISP listing me as unpaid instead of paid. It's all gone, and I'm not sure I can get it all back because, due to not being able to install my cd burner, I have no proper back up of my site. It's scattered over 3 hardrives and about 500 zip disks and floppies, and I've got to try and assemble these disks in date order so I don't put up the page circa 1997, and it will takes weeks to upload because I only had a dial up account, and that's if they've bothered to reinstate it. It took me three phone calls just to get an explanation, and never an apology, and no, they don't make backups, so it's all gone. Gone. All of it. I really need a volunteer to just hold my hand and tell me to breathe, but I know I'm on my own.

First no garden. Now no website. I've had just about enough of this year, I really have.

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