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rum, sodomy and lashings of ginger beer

Yesterday I tore the head off a rabbit. It was one of those days. A long, dark, cold, hard, horrid day and I'd been looking forward to Smallville all week, because it was the episode I'd so enjoyed in the UK ages ago, and I wanted to touch that again, but it just wasn't to be, as I was told I had to stay back late and do it, do it all, for no thanks and no money. And no Smallville. And as if to compound my misery, the two chattery girls behind me on the bus kept mentioning how they were missing Smallville (and not caring).

Sure, it's a show of slight consequence and I really shouldn't give a damn, but it was more the principal of the thing. All I wanted to do, my one treat, was an hour of tv, and it was denied. I felt abused.

So I crawled into bed, had a bit of a weep, tore the head off the dark chocolate rabbit I'd been saving for a rainy day, and watched the latter half of Hornblower.

And it was fun. This was the first time in years I've been able to sit and just enjoy Hornblower for what it was and not have my gut pinch over cruel and criminal fanwankery (I had my accounts hacked and closed and flamed in that unhappy era).

No, this time I just watched the pretty sailor boy, and, my gosh, could that show be any slashier without actually getting all Channel Four on us? Does not Pellew damn near wet himself everytime he catches sight of his dear Horatio? (It was The Examination, so no Archie, etc this week). Oh my, what fun. Rum, sodomy and the lash indeed. By the bucketfull. And what sort of a name is Hornblower, anyway, I ask you?

Just read one of those comments that really had me grinding my teeth. It was on the LOM forum and this chick said she liked to know the dates so she could write about the right weather on the day in question in her fic. Of all the...well, good luck to her and her almanac writing.

Personally, I don't give a toss what the weather is supposed to be like. If Sam's mood requires heavy weather for dramatic purposes, then, damn it, it'll rain wet, moody buckets. It's a work of fiction, afterall, and weather sets the scene. So long as I don't have it cold and misty in June (and being a southern hemisphere girl, sometimes I forget and do, because it's what comes natural), it's all right. And besides, it's Life on Mars. If Sam's mood calls for rain, hail or sunshine, he can have his rain, hail or sunshine.

Btw, I was bemused that, having read the theory that the constant sunshine in LOM is proof of Sam's psychosis, that, actually, when filming, according to the dvd, it spoke rather of the drought Britain is currently experiencing. Which is bringing forth articles comparing now to then: Too much water is bad for you.

I only remember there was a really hot summer in Britain in the Seventies because I saw that Professionals episode - grin.

My point it, weather can make a story, but it shouldn't needlessly drive it unless it's a plot point or metaphor. I don't think I care to read a story where the author is obessing over the 1973 weather report. It strikes me that their fic might be as dry as a bus timetable. I could be wrong, I probably am, but it's the impression they give.

Me, I've got poor Sam on an all night obbo with Gene, an old air mattress, a thermos of tepid tea and a backed up toilet. And we're loving it, thanks. My story is currently being driven by Sam's heart, and how he's being torn in two, wanting to stay and go in increasingly warring measures. The weather is really immaterial except to supply moody backdrops to his ennui.

Meanwhile, there's not a copy of The French Connection to be had in the city. Which is rather disappointing as I was hoping to revisit one of the original dirty 70s coppers. Bugger. Worse, I ended up buying a Doctor Who dvd that keeps beeping, so no more shop runs for me. I was only really doing my weekly mag run, just down to the nearest half decent newsagent. It's not too bad, it even gets in a DW magazine, though it's all Mickey at the moment, so I don't think so. I mean, Mickey? He's up there with Adric as far as I'm concerned. Well, okay, maybe not Adric, but definitely on the waste of space list.

Give me Jamie any day. Which is what I bought. Only he beeps. Bad Jamie. It's a spanking for you, laddie.

Ahem. Probably won't get out of work before all the shops shut (again) anyways. No wonder Amazon are doing a roaring trade out of me. Of course, I could have gone last night, but I was too busy sulking and not in the mood to be manhandled by store detectives (I look shifty, apparently). Besides, as I said, it was the principle. I dislike this work, work, work, 40 hours overtime and no pay and no thanks. I have no time to do housework (as it requires actually being in the house), no time to think, and I don't even have time today to write a quick and dirty little blow job for Gene (and goodness knows, I've tried), and I'm pretty sure Gene's rather annoyed about that, too. My poor baby.

Sigh. Pout. Grind.

Anyway, what on earth sort of demographic do I fall into if I like 70s coppers and time travellers? Took a long, long while for my very favourite and bestest programme in all the world to come along.

Oh, and I can't believe I'm going to be out this Saturday. With a very young, blood smeared, semi-naked, sexually confused and homicidal John Simm on the telly (in Cracker). Somebody please remind me to set the tape tonight.

I know, you wouldn't think I need reminding, but I do. It's been a week, n'est pas?

Actors behaving, well, like actors:
1) Paul Bettany at a Da Vinci Code thingie, looking somewhat in his cups:
2) I was trying to avoid him in Wireimage but there was no escape. I'm tring to think of some excuse for these pics that doesn't involve Class A's, but have yet to come up with anything:

Pic of the day:

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Pic #2, for tomorrow:

Kiss me, you mad bastard...
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