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I was watching Wire in The Blood on UKTV the other day and I was thinking upon how, in the 90s, you weren't a cop show unless you had a profiler on board. Then it became all about forensics. I was hoping that Life on Mars might bring it back to being all about fast cars slamming into carboard boxes, sliding across bonnets and slamming suspects into walls.

Well, be careful what you wish for, because, according to The Independent, they're bringing back The Professionals. Yay? I mean, as much as I try to forget, that putrid remake still lurks around the edges of my consciousness, like a mould that won't shift from the corner of the bathroom. Still, if it was a little more Life on Mars and a little less New Avengers, this time around, we might be lucky.

And before you start lecturing me about how right wing the Profs were, I never knew it at the time. When I were lass, it was all cut up on the local station and all we ever saw were car chases, sliding across bonnets and slamming suspects into walls. A proper cop show, in other words. As to the plot? Plot, what plot? I only saw the plots when I bought the dvd sets back from Britain a couple of years ago. And I was stunned, I can tell you. It was another show. Not the one I remembered at all.

So what else have I been watching? Violent Playground, for one, just because it was on, a kitchen sink propaganda piece for the Liverpool police, with David McCallum, yes, he, in the very sort of angry young man roles John Simm used to play so well (used to play, oh man, do I feel old now). It really could have been written by Jimmy McGovern, so I was bemused. Tragically, you could remake it today without changing a thing. Ah, well. It wasn't a bad little fillum, and it was on my list of things to watch.

The Sweeney was epspecially good this week. It was the one where Carter's wife gets killed (surely not a spoiler by now) and, to be honest, I was glad to see the back of the sour faced cow. It was a really great episode, though, very personal for once, and Dennis turns in the performance of his life as a grief stunned George. Much like Buffy, only much better. The episode was really effective as it focused on the minutae of a sudden death, like the unmade bed, the cold cup of tea, the unfinished note. It was really quite sad and the best bit is when Jack thinks George is going to lose it, but he doesn't. Somehow, that English stiff upper lip is so much sadder than histrionics.

Classic episode. Very Life on Marsy, for its mix of tragic and comic. Bonus points for Mr Bronson as the headmaster.

I finally got to watch Sharpe's Challenge. Not without a dozen or so interruptions, but I did get to watch it. And I enjoyed it very, very much. I'd forgotten how much I'd missed Sharpe, and there he was. Very much like comfy old clothes it was, snuggling up to Sharpe again. Older, but not necessarily wiser, they took the best bits from the three India set novels, spun them into an impossible yet entertaining puff piece. I didn't care. I had my Sharpe back in rifle green (and, to my relief, no clangers I'd have to contort any of my Sharpe fics around, if anything, quite the opposite). Ah, Sharpe marches again. Hee. That's all I have to say, just mindless squeeing.

I was shocked and saddened to hear that Wild Horses isn't on the Life on Mars dvd (mine must be going via Salzburg again, dammit). Especially as I'd done the double play at last over the weekend. I was watching, okay, wallowing, in Life on Mars, and we got up to the now classic scene by the canal and the sad and haunting Wild Horses, and I was thinking to myself, nup, still going to the Angel and Buffy place (for someone who loathes Sam/Annie, I am so the dirty Buffy/Angel shipper) so I put it on (The Prom), and was happy. The last decent Buffy episode before it became shark bait (imho), and there was Wes in a tux, and Giles, because there wasn't enough Tony Head in my weekend, what with him in Doctor Who, Manchild and Sunday night's episode of Spooks, which also turned up Hugh Laurie. My gosh, I'd entirely forgotten he was in Spooks, though I remember now not being best pleased at the time. I thought his turn as Jules was far too arch, but now I'm working at the big end of town, I realise he pitched that wanker just right. There are, indeed, pricks like Jules walking around. So Spooks was Grade A tv fun: Matty, Hugh and Tony.

Oops, nearly forgot to mention The New Avengers. Usually, not worth mentioning, but this time it was the Lewis Collins and Martin Shaw episode. Yay. What fun. Stupid, yet better than most plot, with an unexpectedly affecting ending, for the New Avengers, but as a piece of proto Profs, it's enormous fun.

What else? Haven't yet watched back Cracker, but it's John Simm on Cracker next week. Yay and squee. Philip was still being gorgeous and stoic on Vanity Fair. Dear, sweet Dobbin. He stole my heart quite away in that role. Then took my breath away as The Guv. Girly swoon.

Also watched Wonderland, because I needed to keep my Simm dosages up. It wasn't bad, but I remember folks raving about it, and, really, it had nothing more to offer than your average episode of Casualty re slice o'life stuff, but I suspect the art film crowd who banged on about this film in extremis aren't the sort to spend a wet Friday night in front of the box watching Casualty, so like they'd know. Anyways, finally seen it. Simm was, of course, an adorable fuck up. Isn't he always?

Why I had to keep watching Simm, and tv in general, is because I'm having one of the worst periods I've had in a long while, and for the last week it's been like having a really bad dose of the flu and having two really beefy and bad tempered islanders beat me up the whole time. I am still doubled over with cramps and quite miserable and fed up with it, not to mention my bed looking worse than a CSI crime scene. I had three days off work, which is unheard of from me, and I still feel like shite. So excuse the lack of posts. Oh, and stuff I was supposed to be working on is getting a pasting in the paper today, so I'll be getting it both ends. Gene's quiet little interlude with his sexy Sam will just have to wait, as always. Poor fic. Tomorrow never comes.

Anyhoo, also watched Supernatural, which I actually enjoyed for once, though it could have been the drugs. I was really, really lightheaded by that stage. Watched an episode of CSI last night because I was in the mood for sick and twisted, and they delivered. Only the old Vegas set episodes bemuse me like that. Not all the time, but this was a repeat about a body disposed of in a kitchen and it was really sick and twisted, as requested.

Had meant to go out on the weekend, but couldn't. Somewhat cut up about that, especially as I'd bought a brand new shirt for the occassion. Just too messed up, I'm afraid. Right now it feels like I'm on the bloody rack, or something like. Yes, I'll name all my familiars if you'll just make it stop. But I've got at least another day to go before it does. Bastard.

I'm getting too old for this shit.

Oh, Tony Head is on next Fri on the ABC in Rose and Maloney. Just in case I wasn't getting enough Tony. Heh.

Actually, backing up a bit, I'm really annoyed that I wasted all those days off sick because I've got three LOM fics ready to be put together into a first proper working draft (I write bits all over the place as it pops into my head, then I'll try to put the bits in order, delete scenes, write new scenes, write pickups, maybe a bit of second unit or extra location shots, then try and smooth all the joins out). Anyways, three ready to go, not going anywhere. Arrrgh! Grind. Gnash. Churn. Fester.

Oh yeah, and I really pick my times to go off sick. Another round of redundancies going around work, with my section targeted. If I keep my job I could end up in the country. Brilliant. Just...brilliant. Oh well, I'd have a lot of time for writing, I suppose.

Just when I was starting to settle. Speaking of which, I'm away next weekend and I was moaning to foolhardy travelling companion about missing Simmo. "Bugger that," she says. "We'll get a bottle and drink him, I mean watch him." Right first, time, I think. Slurp.,,18589-2171898,00.html
Life On Mars
Cameras roll for BBC drama;jsessionid=KMVQ32OIAHHYXQFIQMFCFGGAVCBQYIV0?xml=/arts/2006/05/13/bfdvds13.xml&sSheet=/arts/2006/05/13/ixfilmmain.html#li
Life on Mars,,1770344,00.html
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