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Smallville: I'm glad they send out the preview tapes unbutchered because at least the Herald reviewer was able to fill in all the large gaping holes EC9 left. Come on, gimme a break here. Smallville isn't the most sound hour on tv anyway without unravelling what passes for plot any further. What we're left with is a few ragged and tangled threads that remind me of my early and abortive attempts to learn to crochet. Anyway, meanwhile Chloe finally stamps her foot and says enough to being Clark's honorary guy friend and revolts by seeing other people. Of course, being Smallville, Chloe's new beau is a complete psycho, but that just deepens my bond of solidarity with the poor girl, seeing as how the first man in ages to take in an interest in me who wasn't noticeably nuts has an ex who qualifies. Oh well. Me and Chloe, sharing a flat with cats, I can see it now.

A lovely little barnside tete a tete with Lex and Clark. Lex confides to Clark that the only women in his life have been Oedipal fancies and that if Clark wants to get lucky he's going to need to take a risk and put himself out there. Clark fails to grasp the rainbow hued hints but at least Clark's mum evinces some dismay to discover her shining boy alone with Lex on the couch in the barn after nightfall. Just how many nocturnal visits does Lex make to the barn in a week? On a school night too, tsk. Principal Kwan is killed off (does Smallville High come up as a red flag posting like Sunnydale? Are prospective principals advised to get their papers in order before shipping out?) Chloe's boyfriend turns murderous on cue, and, guess what, Chloe is knocked out so she can't see Clark do his super thang, whoda thunk it, and then there's more Clark angst over whose pants to get into first, Chloe or Lanas? Which is all rather selfish of the boy as he no doubt has Lex lubed up and ready to go back in the barn. And does the boy not possess an umbrella? Is the boy of steel not afraid of rusting?

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Farscape: Hey, this isn't the advertised episode. Suddenly we have Alex Dimitriades and the tale of the first pilot. Much histrionics all round. Some very nice closeups of JC looking concerned and soulful. Heh, the last time I saw this episode was in Seattle, startled to see AD pop up.

It always happens. I get kept back at work, because they breezed in at 2pm and started throwing work at me just when I wanted to start winding down, so I miss Buffy, and I so wanted to see Wesley in a tux, so I'm still up all twitchy to watch the ascension on EC7 and then the prom on Fox8. Heh, it's almost Wes 24/7 at the moment, and they think I'm spoilt with Stargate three nights a week. I know, write, damn you. I will, but hopefully by dreadful Now & Again piece, just to get it out of the way. Oh yeah, did I mention I was still up at midnight cause I was watching Now & Again on tape. What can I say, I had a craving.J

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