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Just had some spam from Elvin Person. I don't know, but I like that name. It's on the call back list. (Yeah, spam is great for picking out the names of minor plot device characters in a hurry).


Somehow, somebody had carefully replaced his up-totheminute copperwear
with an outfit the flavour of which was provided by a striped shirt
equipped with a collar of infinite surface area and a leather jacket
with no major visual blemishes, which just clung to his torso all wrong.

The trousers were flared, the boots beneath them zipped and waggishly
heeled. We were spared any details of the underwear, but my guess would
have to be paisley Y-fronts. Tyler had woken up in 1973, a catastrophic
year for men of style, and his face registered the aesthetic horror of
the surroundings without in any way understanding the implications. - The Evening Standard (London, England); 1/10/2006, Pete Clark

Paisley Y-fronts. How to stop a slash fic stone cold dead in its tracks. That's quite an obstacle to overcome. The mental image is burned into my brain. Yeesh.

I'm not going to tell you what I've been up to, but I assure you it was strictly, strictly age appropriate. So age appropriate I was intensely embarressed by the whole thing and nearly didn't go. So age appropriate I dare not admit it. If keiko_kirin was still speaking to me, I might say the name Charlie and see if that would provoke any reaction, but she ain't, so I won't.

In fact, I wasn't going to mention it at all, but then they brought out Charlie's guitar. Charlie's guitar! You know, I couldn't even name all the members in the bands I listen to these days, but I knew Charlie's guitar when I saw it. Suddenly I was fourteen again. Yeah, it was so tragic and sad and pathetic because so obviously not a young lass any more, and everyone else had aged badly, too, but it didn't matter. I had a ball. And when they played Big Sleep, I went nuts. I went so nuts Jim had to point and laugh, and when they got up to Someone Somewhere In Summertime, I got a whole line sung to me. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Big, big squee.

Oh, so this is what it's like to be happy? To have fun? Oh my, I'd really forgotten. Honestly, I was bouncing up and down and feeling no pain, for the first time in years, and they make folks saints for less. In fact all that bouncing around I think helped whatever was terribly wrong because the fever's down and I'm not in screaming agony any more. Well, except for my feet and arms, from all that jumping and waving. Watch me crash in a heap this arvo (I haven't come down yet). So not fourteen any more, but for an hour or so, I was, and that's magic.

I still can't believe they played Big Sleep. I love that song, I've always loved that song, and it's been on high rotation of late - can't imagine why:

So where did you go?
Where do you go in the big sleep
Going out in the deep sleep
Is where you’re wandering now
So where did you go
When you’re in the big sleep
Drifting in wildlife
And still you’re wandering now

So anyway, fun was had. For a change. I've also written quite a bit, and I could write more, but I gotta work. I'd post some, but I suspect this will be another unpopular fic, and I don't think anyone is going to buy Gene's plausible deniability. Never mind, I'm having fun. Sam is such a screw up. In my fic, at least.

Heh. I didn't realise just how many Simple Minds tunes I'd been playing when I've been writing (even if it's just in my head). Lots, apparently. So seeing Jim and Charlie, it all sort of came together, in some weird synchronicity that only means anything to me, but it made me deeply happy that they played most of the classics this time around. Sure, it turned them into their own covers band, which is sad and tragic, I grant you, but it worked for me. Hearing songs I'd been humming almost unconsciously these past few months, it was a real kick. I'm glad I went.

I'd forgotten how much I loved them. It's a bit like revelling in all things Who at the moment. It's more than childhood nostalgia, I'm like a born again fan (so much so that the Peanut Gallery is threatening to make me up a wrist bracelet that says "What would The Doctor do?"). Heh.

If there is any justice in the world, I'll be watching Who tonight (my frettings were in vain, the postman is just lazy).

Popped out to see the Archies at lunch with workmates. A couple that I liked, a lot that were crap. Still, there were less acrylic paint smears and several influenced by the classics and/or actually looking like people, so that's a vast improvement, imho.
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