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LJ Interests meme results

  1. brokeback mountain:
    Two pretty cowboys trapped in angsty, dysfunctional lurrve...
  2. cracker:
    Robbie, twisted Catholic guilt, smart arse comments, angst, great plots, northern boys galore, what's not to love.
  3. eagle of the ninth:
    Marcus, one of my first loves. My first ever trip to the UK was entirely a Marcus pilgrimmage. I love the book that much. And will the ever release the seris on dvd??? Also, it's way slashy.
  4. hustle:
    Ah, my unrepentent crooks, my wicked boys, robbing from the underserving rich and giving, well, to themselves. Robert Vaughan is brilliant in this. I love Albert more than I ever loved Napoleon.
  5. kaiser chiefs:
    They make me laugh
  6. methos:
    International Man of Mystery.
  7. philip glenister:
    Guv love! I can't remember the first time I saw Phil, but it was before he turned up In Sharpe, or as the completely adorable Dobbin in Vanity Fair, Mac in Clocking Off or in Byron. But I do adore him.
  8. sean pertwee:
    Actor Zero in The League of Obscure Brirish actors. His turn as Hugh in Cadfael started the whole damn ball rolling. Followed him onto ID (Phil!), Blue Juice (Ewan), Shopping (Jude, Sean), and on it went...
  9. supernatural:
    Just watching for the Jensen at the moment.
  10. viggo mortensen:
    Ah, always a soft spot for Viggo, but Aragon rocked my socks off.

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