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star wars day

Everytime I pop up to that little Virgin shop, the one that's all Sandler and The Governor of California, but no Simm or Craig, alas, it's a surreal experience. First there was the giant white rabbit on the escalator over easter, and now there are all these mad monks wandering about. I'll assume it's a Da Vinci Code promo and not some weird brown cowled monk infestation.

You'll have to excuse the lack of posts. I'm not feeling at all well, and I'm also working like a dog. They flog you until you drop here. Indeed, a colleague was carried from the field on a stretcher yesterday. I feel like I'm not far off following.

Thank you to everyone who posted the pretty pictures and nifty links that kept me entertained last night when I caught up on the old flist. Special mention to the Simm pics, of course, and the Bond trailer. The first few times I played it, it was squee city. The last time I played it, I realised with heavy heart that they weren't doing anything new at all as I picked out scenes from Dr No, Goldeneye, etc. The Bond franchise has eaten itself, apparently.

I mean, I'll still go see it, of course, but I was hoping when they said they'd taken notice of Bourne, etc, that they just might have been serious. Sigh.,,1766318,00.html
Give me Godzilla any day (Lewis Collins gets a well deserved bollocking)
Outpost Gallifrey
Doctor Who
Doctor Who
Doctor Who
From Who? to Dr Who: Billy Piper to share her story
Doctor Who's K-9 sidekick is dragged into 21st century in computer-designed cartoon,,1766272,00.html
Dickens and his old horror of the dark river
One in 20 suffers from personality disorder
The birds that blocked 20,000 new homes
Morrissey in Concert at Alexandra Palace - May 1, 2006,1,18929,00.html
Depp Wants Room for His View
More species slide to extinction
The science of happiness
Could Lost lose the plot?
Six out of 10 young Americans cannot find Iraq on a map
'Holby City' spawns new police drama - a spin-off of a spin-off
Only after dark, part 1,,1763202,00.html
New type of tattoo will be easier to remove,,1763512,00.html
Fearful ways to meet a lover
"Mission Impossible III" Press Conference
'Clear' human impact on climate
'Cloaking device' idea proposed
Housewife complains of medium's 'sexorcisms'
Hunter kills 'grolar' bear
Enjoying "Macbeth", by William Shakespeare
Museum of Science and Industry
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
Scooby-Doo (1976-1979 television series)

May the Fourth Be With You

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