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Friday: Tech failures meant an enforced early mark. Popped off to pub but due to Friday night crowd, quickly decamped to fave restaurant up the road for an excellent nosh up. Then we raced up to see Dylan Moran. Hysterically funny. A very, very grumpy old man. Managed to catch pentultimate bus home.

Saturday: felt like crap. Shirked work, aside from scanning and capping. Watched last night's Rebus. While Ken Stott is more like my idea of Rebus, this was terrible. It raced all over the place, which made it hard to follow, although the who and whydunnit was entirely obvious ten minutes in. Less. It was announced on the evening news. Perhaps I was annoyed because it reminded me of my last visit to that blighted city, which involved racing hither and yon like I was in a Doctor Who episode, but no, I want my Friday night British Tec Telly to be slow moving, in fact, positively glacial. I want to wind down, I want to be soothed into the land of nod. I dunno, I just found the pace really annoying. And I could have down without the gratuitous tit shot at the start, with Rebus sporting a pair of C cups the girls on the OC can only dream of. Yes, it was to establish that he's middle aged and has seen better days, but really, it wasn't necessary.

Forgot to watch Cracker, but noted the evil super from S1 of Life on Mars being, well, evil, on The New Avengers. It was another elaborate plot to achieve what can and is done so simply these days, in this case, siphoning off Government funds and appointing a scapegoat. Rank amateurs.

The Sweeney was just...weird.

Sunday: Lots of yardwork, especially as I was belatedly informed that the power was due to be cut if the trees weren't all trimmed. Why I'm not told these things until I'm sitting in the sun with the newspapers and a cuppa I'll never know. It makes me cranky. So there's me, saw, metal ladder, trees, powerlines.

At least after dark I did get to see Pride and Prejudice, which I'd been looking forward to for weeks. I'd even bought a bar of merlot flavoured chocolate at the show, to go with it. So I enjoyed that (chocolate, film, Darcy). At least Keira din't mess up Lizzie (there'd have been a fatwa if she had) and Matty was suitably brooding, his Darcy being more shy than priggish. I love the scene where Elizabeth turns him down and you can see his little heart just break. Awww. She's lucky he keeps coming back. Bit of a masochistic punching bag, is young Mr Darcy. I also loved Liz's 'frell me' when she first claps eyes on the bloody big house. It's in the book, but rarely so well portrayed. At least Lizzie owns her own avarice - grin.

Then there was Philip being dear, sweet Dobbin in Vanity Fair, and more Matthew in Spooks. Both somewhat edited for UKTV transmission, I should note, as scenes I remembered on the dvds did not put in an appearance.

But, I'd not seen either on the new, if somewhat crappy tv. Oh my, how blue Matthew's eyes are. Oh my indeed.

Monday: felt like crap. Decided to stay home, especially as Simm's screaming turn as Caligula was on Showtime, but then remembered there was urgent work to do, so I braved an overcrowded bus to stagger in and find...all the servers, etc still down. For this, I miss Simm. Such a terrible sacrifice for nothing. Took my high fever off home early, only to find all the buses cancelled and I had to wait nearly an hour and a half in the cold and rain. It was not a good day.

Home at last I crawled into bed and watched one episode of Smallville and three episodes of Bones. At last, I know where I stand on the Angel vs Spike line. Tall, dark and brooding it is. I loved David in this. He can be very funny, and also drop dead gorgeous (he's lost a lot of the Angel S4 padding, too). And, yea, there was much girly squee.

The plots, though. Well, consider my flabber well and truly gasted as I sat through several arguments in favour of the death penalty. Only in America, (thank frell). And then they slapped me around with the Bible again. American tv is one long, never ending, intermiable evangelical bible study class these days. Whatever happened to secular US tv? They used to do it in the 90s. One wishes the division between church and state extended to television.

I mean, I'm fine with a character professing a certain faith, okay, that's a part of the character's identity/psychology/modus operandi, but this constant preaching from the pulpit - make it stop, please.

So yay on the man candy but a big thumbs down on the plots. The cannibal and rap ones were cringingly embaressing to watch. Not the sort of thing I'd rec to a friend. Definitely closed curtain viewing, with the sound turned down.

Supernatural finally arrived at the episode were the boys dress up as priests. I knew it was coming up because someone had a cap as an icon. Note that I did not scream at them for spoilers. I don't do that. I never do that. I just wish folks would return the favour, but never mind.

Sadly, a bit of an anticlimax, and I'm not sure I like the Sam's amazing powers plotline. I used to dig that sort of plot, but I was brutally dissuaded from using it in my fics, and I don't see why anyone else should get away with it, I suppose. It also turns Dean into a sidekick, which I dislike intensely, as Dean is my fave. I can't stand Sam, to be honest, so I'm doubly against making it All About Sam. (btw, this episode was so close to an unfinished fic I daren't ever post it now, cf brutal dissuasion).

Had to set vcr (poor, on its last legs vcr) for Funland. Not sure I can cope with Mark Gatiss as an unrepentent taxidermist, but I'll give it a whirl. I wonder if he's the mystery writer they've lined up for Life on Mars. I'm thinking it's probably Russell T Davies (because LOM isn't gay enough, it could be gayer, and it needs more Who references), but it could be Mark. He has the connections, anyway.

Tea was chicken soup.

Tuesday: Still feeling awful, nothing is working and I was told I had to work harder. I was also sharply rebuked for being testy, which I felt was unfair, as having to get up at 4am when it's cold and dark and deal with difficult clients when ill is prone to make one a little on the grumpy side. Am sorry I'm not an automaton.

Decided to walk up to the park to ease my soul, only to find the park closed. Denied even the smallest and most transient of pleasures, it seems. Trudged back in a deep sulk.

The only bright spot was the Bond trailer. Yeah, it's in French, but it's better than nowt.
J'mapelle Bond, James Bond.
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Life on Mars

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