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Friday: Just one of those days, you know. I was really looking forward to a friend's birthday dinner, especially with my social life being the barren wasteland that it is, but first I started feeling all ooogy and crampy and miserable. Then I got left to run the section alone, which is never a good thing, especially on a Friday. Then all the lifts went out, stranding me on the 10th floor. I decided to quit while I was ahead. The last time I went out in spite of a day from hell those couple of glasses of wine to unwind me also unwound my tongue, and, well, look ma, no social life to speak of. So no, I shall do the responsible thing and take my miserable self back home to bed, retreat being the better part of valour. More updates as further news comes to hand.

So I spent the wet, cold afternoon and evening all alone on the increasingly spooky and darkening 10th floor, too whacked out on mellow yellows to do anything other than the updates requested. Taking myself through tutorials was right out, so I just sat and read some of the fic in my in tray. Actually, I read all the fic in my in tray. I read ATF and...god help me...I enjoyed it. So much so I cranked up ye olde pootie at home and after 4 hours, yep, 4 hours, downloaded the first parts which I will read when I get a chance. Then it was home, Stargate, Homicide and zzzzz in that order.

Stargate: There But For The Grace of God. Watch how Dr DJ goes straight for the phallic shaped object d'prop. As he gathers up armfuls of goodies Bro refers to DJ as "a one man British museum - always time to trouser a trinket." This is the first AU episode and it's not bad. Jack is all military and there's still a lot of heat there, a helluva lot, especially when Daniel hands him the camera. Much prolonged touching and meaningful eye contact wheras Jack's alleged au fiance merely gets chucked under the chin, ala British war film. This episode is also very funny when watched in German. Don't ask me why, it just is. Maybe because Jack is being all ramrod straight and very stern.

Saturday: I shoulda stayed where I was, still all wobbly, and finished off Semper at long last, they even threw Rodders on tv to tempt me, but nooooo, I decide to waste all day trying to download half a dozen pages of fic. Shame, shame, shame. And ATF at that.

X Files: The Meaning of Life serves as an amusing intro into tonight's X Files. Oh, come on, John, invite her in, let her stay the night, for fuck's sake, man. Oh, right, it's the Assexual Files, sorry, forgot that for a moment. Damn Puritans. And now look, more meaning of life. Silly John, he'll miss his chance. Another X Files limbo episode, with Dr Death thrown in for good measure. But watching John pine over Monica, there's the fun. Come on, man, get in there.

Stargate - First Commandment. The man who would be god, Stargate style. Lotsa cute Jack/Daniel in this. Daniel complaining about his macaroni and cheese tasting like chicken. Teal'c's annoyed look when he tries to shush Daniel. Daniel darting a glance at Jack when he and Sam discuss their mutual attraction to pyscho Colonels. Not sure a simple campfire could burn a body that thoroughly and the hodge podge of cultures: New Guniea mud men, Amazonian blow darts, Zuni pots, French cave paintings - what the hell? And Jonas, Sam's mad ex. She certainly can pick 'em. And the bloody quarry again, as seen on the X Files earlier this week. Lucky me.

Sunday: I really should be doing something other than watching bad tv but my computer hats me, my garden is turning brown with the drought and the sight of one of my beloved currawongs all bloodied with its eyes pecked out was just too much. Bad TV it is. Supremely bad.

Starsky and Hutch treat me to the cabin episode, and then they throw in some satanists because too much is never enough. Groovy evil threads, but I hope they're all natural fibres as they dance around that bonfire (bring forth the devil's own marshmallows) and aren't all those flaming torches a fire hazard? And the boys - could they camp it up anymore? I'm thinking no. Good grief. Still not sure how vicious that snake straight from the fridge would have been though, being a reptile n all, and have they never heard that the way to deal with a snake is to fetch a rake and pin the bastard (until WIRES fetches it away)? Sigh. Americans.

Adventure Inc. We're back into totally Republican telly. All the foreigners are 30s style cartoon stereotypes, especially these Germans. Can this be the same country that gave us Band of Brothers? So we have cartoon Germans, immortality drugs, mysterious bones. If it was just a little more camp instead of just dire, it'd be really funny. Poor Michael, his career is totally in the toilet. All that rumour stuff, I guess (thankyou, CJ). He's certainly starting to look a couple of decades more than his age. Pity.

I'm glad I've seen a few episodes though. I just wanted to see if it was as silly as it sounded, because I just knew they'd talk it up on list and make it sound really cool, when it's really not. I mean, they always do. For a race so obviously enamoured with airing their dirtiest laundry on international television, the Seppos are distressingly coy about calling a piece of crap a piece of crap. Now I know Aussies have a reputation for being disarmingly honest (all that Northern blood, I dare say) but I find it one of our more endearing characteristics, because, really, who wants to encourage folly? Better to nip it in the bud and redirect the loved one to endeavours more suited. Or to put it bluntly, tell them to stop making an arse of themselves. We call it being a friend, and consider our gentle wake up calls constructive criticism, well meant and well intentioned. Alas, the poor Yanks just can't take anything that doesn't reek of rapture. One hint of disapproval or disagreement or a lack of total, all consuming appreciation and they're off in a veil of tears, screaming eternal vengeance and civil suits. I mean, really, after all that chair throwing you'd think they'd have a thicker skin, but no. Playing devil's advocate to try and spark debate and discussion, or giving measured praise on a new project is all met with hissy fits, and this is when I'm being nice. Heh, I can't imagine the reactions to the bits of feedback I sent, years ago now, pointing out the logic flaws in fics that came my way. Which is why I'm loathe to comment on anything these days. Except here, and even here in my own private corner of the web I've been served with unmerciless 'how dare you!' replies. Oh well. Emperor's new clothes and all that.

I'm just saying I can imagine how well my opinion of Adventure Inc might go amongst the faithfull. Not to say I won't watch in the three years or so it'll take to get here, no doubt I will, but I'm not going to call it a project Michael should be proud of. No way, no how. Amusing, yes. Pays the bills, undoubtedly, but art? I don't think so.

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Angel: A dear friend (to prove not all Americans are Republican voting arseholes, just most of 'em, unfortunately) sent me the first episode of Season 4 and picture me looking as ridiculously pleased as Wallace about to tuck into a large plate of cheese. Only instead of cheese I'm treated to hot naked Wes, evil Wes, sexy wes, mmmmm, Wes. Oh, and some other stuff. Poor Wes, ostracised for trying to do the right thing and Angel is still all he thinks about. And the wrist slicing scene...mmm. God, I love a doomed love and poor Wes just screams shattered romantic. Mmmm, yummy.

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