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heaven knows I'm miserable now

Well, it was a good choice on the all black outfit yesterday, as the only seat left on the bus was dripping with freshly texta'd graffitti. Fortunately, not a problem for the el cheapo k-mart suit. Ah, public transport. Gotta love it.

Yesterday I was also humming New Order. a lot. Can't imagine why. Unhappily I was so knackered I fell asleep for most of, but I did wake up to see John do his little star turn as Bernard and bash out a ditty (for the rest of it, he mostly just sits in the background and mumbles, money for old rope, that role).

I think it was just hearing New Order that roused me. Old habit, from watching, or trying to watch, old late night vid shows in my youth. From falling asleep with the tv stuck on Rage, I know I can still pop awake at the opening bars of any New Order, Cure, Clash, Bunnymen, etc song. Sad and tragic, and not the sort of skill one can list on a CV. Will wake up if blasted with New Order.

Actually, I could do with a blast right now. I'm even more knackered, and I really wanted to see John. I mean, I have the dvd, but somehow, it's more fun when it's screened.

Though watching House off air was more fun, I will admit. I wanted to watch Prison Break, operating under the misapprehension that the plot might have moved forward a few millimetres, so I watched House first. Perfect, widescreen, undoctored (pun intended) House. And it was worth it, just for the 'I might be gay, I'm always with Wilson' line. Oh, clumsy shoutout to the fangirls, then.

I then offered it around to the rest of the household, and if you want more proof that I'm treated like the maid, they waved me away with an imperious flick of the wrist and told me to bring it back at the appointed hour of their choosing. No thankyous, just a command to set it up later. Well, I...if I'd not wanted to watch the other stuff I'd put on the disk, I would have told them to use it internally. Humph.

Well, at least I enjoyed the House.

Oh, I forgot to tell you why I'm so knackered. No sleep, really. Dell Boy decided to play up on Tuesday and I spent all night uninstalling and rinsing and purging and running all my virus checkers and spyware busters. One of the problems, I know, is that I need to dump stuff off the HD, but I couldn't get my D drive, so I was in a pretty pickle. Managed to get the native Windows copy to D Drive and burn thing working, so at least that helped (CD only, bugger). Had to delete all that region-free stuff, so that's going to crimp my capping style because now I'm going to have to pick a region. Bugger. So anyway, it took me until 2am to get some functionality back, and then all my dvds decided to hurl themselves at me, tumbling down in a not so gentle rain of box sets. Death by Doctor Who. Ow. I guess the house shifted again. Oh well, it'll make a choice episode of CSI, me lying there with a big blue TARDIS box set sticking out of what's left of me head (btw, The Baron, The Saint and Dr Tony Hill pack a fair wallop, too).

So, anyway, by the time that was all sorted it was just enough time to fling on clothes and leave for work. Yesterday, not my best day, but no surprises there.

Before that, well, there's no way I can ever enjoy ANZAC day, being an unhappy anniversary, and not in the way that you might think, so I did a spot of housework, but it was so cold and dark, well, masochism only went so far, and in the pm, inspired by the SFX couch potato session, I put together a programme of WWII features, from Waugh to Wonder Woman. Two Whos: Curse of Fenric and The Doctor Dances (Captain Jack!), the aforementioned miss in her satin tights, fighting for her rights, battling the worst German accents, ever, some Danger UXB and Sword of Honour, for as much Daniel's pretty blue eyes as a piquant observation of war. Meant to get onto Enigma, but Dell Boy's tanty put paid for that. Yep, it was all the allies and no A or NZ but there's precious little and like hell would I ever watch The Sullivans again (and frankly there was enough Mel over easter, so no Gallipoli, either).

So, that's what I've been up to. I'm cranky right now because Sam muse is revving away in the background with gorgeous ideas, and I've got so much work to do. No time for Sam. And that makes me sad. And resentful, just a bit, given how much of my life I've wasted in the service of others. As Moz laments: "Why do I give valuable time To people who don't care if I live or die? ... In my life Why do I smile At people who I'd much rather kick in the eye?"
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