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It's dropped below 25C and I've broken out the antartic gear. I am such a big girl's blouse.

Once again typing in the wee small hours has proved to be perilous. Either that or Gene really was trying to make an arrest with two uninformed officers.

Oh dear.

Meanwhile, I have no more complaints to make re the lack of Simm media as it took me half of yesterday to download a week's worth. A case of yay and be careful what you wish for, but more Yay, I'm sure, as I'm finally seeing some stuff, lots of stuff, that I missed out on. I'm particularly sensitive on the subject of Simm because I once had several stinging rebukes for not having any Simm on the old League site and, being exiled to the other side of the planet, I just could not get anything. Still feeling the tyranny of distance though, because my broadband bill is like as not to be $600 this month (it's like a dollar a mb). But never mind. Simm squee is almost worth it.

And I haven't even yet begun to swoon about the return of my beloved Captain William Dobbin. The only man in the King's Army who could turn my head from a certain rifleman. Dear, sweet, adorable and pretty Dobbin. If I could be arsed to tag back to the start of this journal, you could read my previous posts in praise of Dobbin, but let's just insert a girly squee here. He's the only character of any real integrity in the story, filmed as a particularly Hogarthian theatre of the grotesque in this version, so he's even more shiny, by contrast. He's so good hearted and so put upon, the bit where he's left alone, ignored, and fiddles with the silverware is heartbreaking, and could his eyes be any prettier. Swoon, swoon, drool, lust, thud. Oh my, what a uniform maketh of the man (though I'm not adverse to the green shirt or the camel coat- grin).

Of TV watching, and there was a lot, because it was cold and I was knackered. There was half and half of D&P on Friday night. Watched the second half one one, which fortunately I'd already seen in the UK, and then half of an older one, which I'd not seen. Ah, I do so love the series where they were shacked up together and domestic as. I missed most of it because I'd been over visiting that time, too. So it's nice to catch up on the most domestic of all D&P seasons. Good grief, imagine if Sam and Gene had to move in together? Heh. It'd be so much worse, because Sam is so anal. Okay, leaving that thought there...

There were also firemen in shiny red firetrucks. Yep, I put on the pilot of Emergency, which I'd never seen. I loved it as a kid, though I used to watch it for Randy Mantooth, and Peanut Gallery watched it for the firetrucks. "See, they could make shows for a wide audience back then," posits PG. Dixie was as ballsy as I'd remembered her. I read somewhere that she was just a dumb nurse and thought I must have misremembered. But no, that person had never seen an episode. Dix served in Korea, she took no shit from nobody. Respect to the Dix. Anyway, we sat through a lot of speechifying on the benefits of the paramedics programme, a real hard hat area there, prompting PG to ask if "Jack Webb was always on message, even in private conversations?". I suspect so.

There were also a few scenes with mystifying cutaways to 60s light fittings, which, while amusing, also had us wondering why, and then there was the bad acting, the "Ha! They have to check the map because they don't have GPS" moments, and some dialogue that had us in tears. "Oh, for the sweet days of innocence when that wasn't a double entendre", lamented PG wickedly, thinking nothing of the sort. For myself, I had to bite down hard to stop tittering when Gage bounded up to De Soto and trilled that he was "switching sides". Indeed.

Oh, it was fun. We MST3K'd it to death (especially at the party where we were trying to work out who was holding De Soto's beer at any given moment - you had to be there - and the Doc cleared the room with his grandstanding, quoth PG "Ya want another go, I think there's still a few wisps of oxygen near the ceiling that you haven't extinguished"). I'm so glad I bought it now. It need not hide up the back of the collection, but I think I could only watch it with company, because tittering by one's self is never attractive.

Then there was the gay science boy, aka the tenth Doctor, in all his lovely impish, campy, glory. I got to see New Earth, and a fistfull of extras. How lovely to be able to see the Confidentials right away, instead of waiting for them to pop online or the box set. And what fun. I do love an actors with a sense of humour, and he has such a lovely accent. He did look miserable while filming the decontimination scene though, poor love. How he suffers for our art.

I must say, intial reports of the episode did not thrill me, but the reviews failed to mention the flourishes, the silliness and odd bits that made me love it. I'm just tickled that they took the bits of Buffy I really loved, the sense of humour and the whimsey, and have overlaid it on an old childhood favourite. The constant whining about 'there should be a shop' was very Buffyesque, imho. Oh yes, some great lines in this episode. Loved it. Chavtastic, even.

Saw bits of the Sarah-Jane episode (she looks great!) and the clockwork androids. I can't wait. I love a show that announces future episodes involve the pre-rev French Court, and it's being terrorised by clockwork androids. Lovely! Hey, you either get it, or you don't. That's another bit of Buffy they've borrowed, methinks.

So Doctor Who saved me, because I was really not a happy camper until I indulged. Btw, David's real accent is cute. I love the suit, too. He's a mod, he's a mod, he's a mod, yeah, yeah, yeah... (okay, so I'm the only Easybeats fan in the room, never mind).

Saturday afternoon grew cold and dark, so I indulged in what must be one of the coolest double feature I've ever played: Layer Cake and Get Carter. Layer Cake is a very good film, brutally overlooked amongst all the blockbusters and Daniel Craig is just hot in this. Oh, there he is, my blue eyed Bond. I can't talk about the plot if you haven't seen it, but you must see it, especially if you like heist films. Get Carter was, of course, far less flashy, although, actually, I think it was pretty flashy for its day, so I take that back. There was much more sex, and probably more violence than Layer Cake. It's hard to tell because it was a slightly more harrowing experience watching Carter on his revenge-a-thon. Does this make it a Northern? Certainly it seemed to owe a lot to the Westerns coming out of Japan and Italy at the time. It was an interesting compare and contrast exercise. Both certainly borrowed upon classic western themes.

Btw, any similiarity to Gene and Carter in the fic I'm stewing over right now is probably, well, let's just say Get Carter has influenced me as much as Get Cater borrowed from its own film sires. I was trying to tone down the violence, but now I'm thinking why bother? Whatever works when I finish the final draft, I guess.

Now there's a thought, re 2005 crime vs early 70s crime. How would Daniel Craig's character (he's never named) cope if he was thrust into Carter's world? Not too well, I suspect. This just plays into the whole why is a homicide detective like Sam so horrified by 70s violence? Maybe because the police are as brutal as the suspects? That he's used to a more rule bound,less confrontational environment? That he has, until now, enjoyed a more civilised veneer? And was that all it was, a veneer?

Of course, Get Carter just segued nicely into the UKTV Saturday night treats of The Saint, The New Avengers and The Sweeney.

The Saint was a special treat as it was the old go undercover in a gaol cell plot and Simon's cell mate was none other than Donald Sutherland, and who knew shit eating grins were gentic, as he grins like Jack Bauer himself before decking Simon. It all gets uncomfortably Oz like for a bit, as Donald demands to know if Simon is a top or bottom while leaning over him and lighting his cigarette. I'm pretty sure they were talking about bunks, but not the way Donald gives that line reading, the wicked lad. Later he's leaning on Simon's pillow and calling him baby. Oh my.

The New Avengers breaks the mood by being beyond silly as usual. This time it's an evil plot to dispatch top civil servants by disco dancing them to death. Ah, the 70s. These days they'd just hire a consultant to case manage a restructure and there you are, all your top men gone, not a disco dolly in sight. The 70s computers were also an opportunity to laugh and point, though I once worked at an office that had equally ancient computers still chugging along in the 90s. Ah, the public service and its museum worthy equipment. Everyday is Life on Mars.

The Sweeney brought us back to gritty realism with a thump, a somewhat jarring thump, with armed blags, car chases and dodgy informants in grubby betting shops. The scene where a bored Regan gets a soccer ball out of the boot of his car and starts kicking it around with the driver while waiting for George really reminded me of Life on Mars. Ditto the car chases. This time Jack comes a cropper of a particularly fey spook (MI5), though unlike poor Sam who always seems so surprised, Jack just reacts with bitter and weary cyncism.

Btw, if Sam lacks experience with the Hunts, Dalziels and Regans of his world, then surely he must have been done over by a Haskins or the like, as once the old bulldogs were broomed out, there were nothing but smarmy polticians of the FU variety kept (certainly in my own experience), so surely Sam can't have been that surprised by the Super's actions. Maybe Sam was just hoping for a way home so badly he was was blind to the usual cause and effect, both the Super's actions and what could have happened to his co-workers.

Sam needs a good healthy dose of Regan cynicism, or he'll go mad. Or he's probably already mad. Poor Sam.

OMG, that draft is icy. And it's nearly home time. Must dash. I have a dvd waiting for me.

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