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nummy treats

Sometimes friends do come through when you need them most, with lots of happy tape treats in the mail. Perfect, because I went over the wall at work (ie, escaped). I didn't want to go in in the first place, as I was messy ill, but out the door I was shoved. I was surviving until Roger started getting really mean. Enough. Ran away home to faux Angelus on tv. Home to Twilight Zone with I-Man and Dr DJ. I miss I-man. EC10 only played half a dozen episodes. I heard it went off the boil, but still.

nicked from

Then Without A Trace. I liked it but it was very like watching an Oz cop show. Sure, Tony remembers the Yank accent most of the time - it slips a little - he's either been home too much or hanging out with the other Aussies in the cast, or both - but it's just in the way he walks, stands or leans, all the body language, it just screams Aussie cop show. I keep waiting for him to utter those immortal words: "Take this down to forensics." And the looks of utter disdain he reserves for his young dumb impossibly cute sidekick, heh, those pure Oz "oh for fuck's sake" glares. I just love it. and the sidekick: Eric Close, as honeydipped gorgeous as ever. Mmmmm. Tasty video treats indeed. The plot was more than a bit pedestrian, but that just added to the whole Oz cop show ambience. I'll still be watching. Sure it's Law & Order cop plot by numbers, but I like Tony and EC ups the eye candy factor to more than acceptable levels. I bet they schedule it opposite my beloved Munch. They always do.

upside down, upside down - obscure Mr Squiggle reference

Stargate - Abyss: Okay, so Daniel had to die before we got the ultimate Jack/Daniel episode, and I'm estatic. Mostly because I know now this isn't my one last hit of J/D, but also because this is just so fucking brilliant. Stargate last week I enjoyed, like a bag of chips, munched on and then forgotten, disposable telly. But this week, I'm hooked right through my skin, I'm hanging on every word, studing every nuance. Suddenly, I'm paying close attention again. It's like watching two different shows. I like S6 Stargate, but this...this is the stuff that inspired me to write fic.

Not a lot of plot, your standard budget saving bottle episode, but what a bottle episode. Jack has been captured and is being tortured terribly, but EC7 edits all of this out (turning it into tea with Daniel), and Daniel is there to comfort him (hello h/c, my old friend) and to - and despite the arguments in other quarters I believe it is explicitly stated - inspire the others to rescue Jack. Bad Daniel, he hasn't got the watch but never interfere thing down pat yet. Because it's Jack. He can't stay away, because it's Jack. He can't simply watch, because it's Jack.

And Jack, for his part, tells us he'd never leave Daniel behind (DJ left him after all, though I'd count S4&5 as a push, but we're revising that history right here, right now), Jack would die trying to save Daniel and he'd kill anyone he ever caught hurting Daniel. Methinks there's a lot of bottled up rage towards Jonas et al that needs to be explored in a fic, because we have never seen Jack let lose over that, and it was all over what he'd do to save Daniel, if he could. So much rage and anger festering away in there, poor Jack. (Suddenly S6 has a new subplot to be explored. Is this why Jack agreed to be snaked, to effective erase himself?) Heavy confessions indeed. Even at the end, Jack sends Sam from the room (take that, HW). It's Daniel he's connected to, in mind, body and soul - and I think that's pretty much canon at this point. Don't know what you've got til it's gone, eh, Jack? Only Daniel hasn't gone far, always hovering by Jack's side. Cue naughty nocturnal visits or I Dream of Jeannie style hijinks (that wacky invisible friend that only Jack can see and hear, as Bro intones in his best sitcom voiceover).

Fantastic episode. Daniel was Daniel, Jack was Jack (it was like S2 all over again) and they cared about each other very deeply and they weren't afraid to show it, like old times. A terrible situation brings heightened emotions, truths are revealed. This is just succh a classic A1 slash episode as the two men bond deeper to get Jack through his ordeal. It's just so lovely. Daniel can't leave Jack. It's that simple. I loved this, I really did. I'm sure I'll spot the flaws five viewings in, but for now, it's perfect. It's more than I ever dared to dream of.

And now it's Munch time. I've seen this one before, but I don't care. I should be asleep but all that sugar's made me hyper.

Friday: Fiftenn minutes later it was Zzzzz. Chased off a cat stalking my beauties this morning. It was most unimpressed. Heh, the drought and bad neighbours have cleared it's cover so I could see it, even if my birdies couldn't. I thought for a second it was Meggsy, but it wasn't, just a distant relative. Bad cat.

Managed to pick up the US Fall (sic) preview edition. Opened it up and there was EC. Sold! Me bad, but me need something to get through today, I reckon. Not in real danger of bleeding to death today, but still grumpy and crampy. Looking at pretty pictures is a plesant breakfast diversion, but the emails will start and then it'll be ftp girl for the rest of the day.

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