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I was just having a discussion with a colleague regarding those we serve, from the very important people to the common people, particularly the great unwashed. I used to be a passionate socialist, but a few years on the frontlines of a government department, especially dealing with those housing commission familes and their snot encrusted kids and threats that the defacto du jour was a bikie and was going to come after me with a shotgun, well, it made me bitterly cynical before my time and destroyed any thoughts I might have had about the grace of the human race.

Which makes me wonder how a DCI like Sam could be such a naive pillock at times. Surely, if he's doing his job properly, Sam should be copping it from above and below on a daily basis. So why he he so stunned, so easily betrayed, so easily set up? Surely he can't be that discombulated? Surely instinct has to kick in at some point? Surely a DCI must have some nouse, some savvy, some game playing skill (like Gene). I mean, I assume Sam got the job on merit, or else who was he shagging to be a fast tracked pretty boy?

I'm pretty sure Sam is/was a hard working copper. He says so, and certainly demonstrates it on a procedural level. So if he's a hardworking, straight shooting, results orientated officer, then he must have felt the pressure from his superiors at some point, because management never like a hard or honest worker, and he must have, in his job, seen some of the worst humanity has to offer. So why is he so constantly surprised by human behaviour?

Probably because he wasn't expecting it from people he seriously misread, but still, being constantly blindsided like that, it's not consistent with someone who is supposed to be a trained and experienced observer of human nature.

Or maybe I'm just thinking Sam should be more resigned to bollockings in his job because I've already pissed off some very big cheeses indeed and I have even had my first cuppa. Sigh. Grizzle.

But honestly, I can't imagine that Sam's 2006 police force was so squeaky clean from top to bottom that's he's that appalled and amazed in the 70s. Proof that 2006 is the illusion?

Oh, happy day. The inbox is exploding, the phone won't stop ringing and I've had less than six hours sleep this week, but inspiration has struck. I've just worked out how to get Sam off that murder charge in my fic. It's a bit of a fiddle, but I've seen similiar juggling acts on telly. Hopefully it's the tiniest bit believable. If not, look into my eyes...

Oh, and versaphile, I know I never sent you the story, but I was furiously trying to type up the 3/4 of a notebook I have to type up, just so as you could get a better idea of what the by heck I was on about, and that helped. So did the discussions with you, and reading a few threads elsewhere. You know, that what's I want from fandom: a bit of fun and a robust discussion on characters and motivations. I just love how someone can see something that will turn my perceptions upside down and all the patterns will change and suddenly plot bunnies will spring forth. It's magic when that happens. So yeah, reading threads and talking helped.

So did watching all those cop shows on the weekend. I was bored and fed up at the time, being unwell, but I'm pretty sure a few plot points had been festering in the stew of my brain into some workable escape clause for the fic (without resorting to magic buttons, which one could, in LOM). But, basically, the butler did it.

Since I know I'm going to be stuck here til near midnight, I popped out for lunch. Not up to the park, but up the other hill, as I craved media. Picked up Layer Cake in Virgin (I'd been waiting for the OMG price to go down, but no such luck, and I need to see it again, asap), and my favourite boy was a delight again, humming the 007 theme and squealing over the man candy. Can I adopt him? He's the only reason I shop there. As camp as a scout jamboree, but so very lovely.

I was also publicly humliated in the newspaper shop, which has finally been rebuilt and reopened, now that I've missed all the LOM press. Still, they waved my DW special about loudly, so everyine in a 5m radius knew I was a geek. They'll get their's in a dark alley, mark my words. Oh, for my old fave shop at the other end of town who used to discretely pop my geeky stuff into paper baggies.

I think, aside from any urgent jobs that might be sprung on me, that I want to spend the weekend tv bound again. It's been a testing week, and I'm afraid I'll be lucky to be scraping by with a passing grade, having just about made most of my deadlines, but without any grace or flair, I'm afraid. Yep, I think I just want to curl up in my room and not come out until Monday. It's been that kind of week.

Late update: I was right about not seeing my bed tonight. Good thing I saw tonight's D&P in the UK or I'd be filthy. Them at home had better tape it as per voice mailed instructions, if they know what's good for 'em. Hell hath no fury like a bitter old spinster denied her D&P. Bad enough I was denied the boy candy of Smallville yesterday. Whimper.

And, since I'm beyond tired, a pox on the nerd who decided putting ctrl x and ctrl c next to each other would be a good idea. It's not.

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