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I was waiting just for you, just for you...

Well, there was squee. Squee over Mr John Simm, serious thespian, and don't you forget it, on the cover of a trashy fan boy mag like Dreamwatch. Oh dear. I do hope they don't stock them at his local Woolworths or I fear there will be another Eccleston style fleeing for the hills. Actually, there is already. I've heard over at The Railway Arms that season two is the last ever season (wail, gnash, stamp, pout) and that they'll wrap it up in a Chrissie special. Which is better than a poke in the eye with a blunt stick, and I'd rather it not go stale or mutate, but still...

I mean, I don't mean to be greedy, but I am. I don't want them to milk the premise dry, or put up with bored and contractually bound actors, but they've made me love Sam and Gene so very much, and I'm loathe to let them go. I'm just going to have to treasure every frame of film even more. It's like I've been waiting all my life for Sam and Gene (well, there's nowt else, is there?) and now they want to take them away...

Somewhat less treasured was last night's Supernatural. And, yea, verily, here we have a god bothering episode. Now I've read the Vanity Fair article about the college that pumps out god botherers and places them on all US shows, so I know it's not coincidence we keep getting these dreadful, dreadful evangelical episodes, while other faiths are protrayed as evil or laughable ad that's not fair, imho, and, well, it just makes me queasy. It also had Julie Benz in it (so not a fan) and Dean managed to be de-imperiled before the second commercial break (certainly before the end of the first act, but we have so many damn effing ad breaks it's hard to tell).

It's probably why I switched across from Supernatural, though the second episode was a repeat anyway. As much as it'd amuse me to see three hours of Jensen in one week (we're up to his episodes on Smallville), I was hooked on Hotel Babylon. It just breezes along, and I'm happy to let it. I wouldn't say I love it, but I like it well enoigh and it carries me along so we're into the end credits before I know it, and that's something, at least. As I said yesterday, it's up towards the meringue end of the tv food pyramid, but there's nothing wrong with that after a hard day's graft. I just want to be entertained, and I was. Job well done.

In other news, popped past the ABC shop yesterday. Blackpool is back on the shelves, so I have achieved dancing Davids. How rude of them to have vanished it off the shelves the one week I managed to scrounge enough sesterces to buy it. Also back on the shelves were Vanity Fair, with a pretty, sweet and long suffering Phil, Tom Jones, with a very young Max Beesley and James D'Arcy, and a few more. I also noted that there were some more copies of State on Play on the shelves, which is good, because I've been reccing that, too. Simm angst and Phil as a DCI. Nuff said.

Oh, my Sweeney book arrived. It didn't look flash at all, but once I started reading it, I was hooked. Lots of little gems within, many of which I will share with you if I manage to get the book near a PC anytime soon. My poor buried bedside table, now groaning with books on Z Cars and The Sweeney. Proper academic books, too, with essays (with big words) on the contemporary attitudes etc. Never let it be said that I've not attempted some middling halfarsed research into the era.

Especially as my recall isn't what it should be, and far more concerned with bands and tv shows when I can remember, rather than world events, as it should be. Not much change there, then, she admits, sheepishly. Mind you, my sole experience of the UK in the 70s was filtered through shows like The Sweeney and The Professionals, music videos, what little made the news through the Packer/Murdoch blockade and second hand OH Boy annuals (plus the odd school chum and pen pal). So it's not what you would call, um, well rounded.

Mind you, Life on Mars isn't exactly an indepth, painstakingly researched docudrama, so I think it'd be churlish if anyone expected me to do more than browse newspaper archives, most of which are pay per view, which is a bugger, or Wiki and the Beeb. Nor is it like my boys to get out of the boudoir, anyway. I'm mainly just trawling for ideas, but whatever I have left in my head from old, near contemporary, half finished Pros fics should do. Heh.

Just wanted something with a little more body than the silly pointless obbo pvp fic I started, which is almost entirely lifted from a Special Branch episode, only the inflatable mattress might see slightly more action in my version than what was televised in 1973.

I'm smiling again over the description "the gorgeous Jip" from Human Traffic. He is gorgeous. I just really love the way John's body language changes from the start of the film to the end. Jip gets his groove back. With lots of silliness in between. He's just so gosh darn cute in that film. He really is.

Oh dear. There are two msg crazed magpies in the park. Shouldn't give them bits of pork bun, but I was feeling generous. Had to go to tyhe park. Simply smashing day and I was feeling claustrophobic. Wrote a wee bit, but not anything I'll end up using, I don't think.

Fek. I've got something on tomorrow. I've been looking forward to it all year. My whatits just started, so I'll be all cross and doubled over and not enjoy it. I can't get out of it, either. Okay, with some planning, I can at least survive. I'll need a fistful of the usual stock, some goth clothing (warm, absorbent black velvet), massive amounts of drugs, the quickest route to the nearest chai tea stand, and, and this could be the trickiest, somewhere to sit down in cases of emergency. Quickest route to the nearest loos will also need to be reccied. But, you know, come on, my life sucks enough as it is, don't rain on my parade. I knew this would happen. It moved a week, just to screw me over. Bastards.

I'm only telling you this so if you notice I've disappeared, you'll know I've not been kidnapped by evil gypsies, but I'll just have my head down a loo somewhere. Damn. So that'll be a no to oysters, fairy floss and cheese on a stick, then. Bugger.
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