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Playing The Clash can get you arrested. One must also presumably delete from one's airline i-pod selections: "Mr. Guy Fawkes" by Eire Apparent, "A-Bomb on Wardour Street" by The Jam, "Burn down the Parliament" by The Herd, etc., etc...

It's a strange world I live in.

Having a Gene Hunt of a day, so this'll be brief.

To describe my day, I'm collecting appropriate imges. These are two I have so far:

Can you help me find more?

I was going to rant about being old, and how it doesn't creep up on you, but hits you overnight. Suddenly every rotten thing you've ever done comes back to bite you on the arse. You can no longer party without the pain outweighing the gain. You hope nobody will notice, but they do. They tell you you're old, cruelly and brutally, to your face.

I was going to continue on in that vein, and then I saw a pic of The Rolling Stones in the paper. some folks are still always going to be more wizened than I am. Heh.
Anti-terrorism squad nab man singing Clash
Your Veronica Mars Questions Answered!
Entertainment News: House, Brokeback
Arctic fossils mark move to land
Canberra blocks wind farm
Who Will Stop The Evil Jogger?
American expansionism: waist of time from 1980
Obesity rates in women hold steady
Tegan tells her rapists: Go to hell
Lonely, frightened life of outed spy,70557-0.html?tw=wn_index_2
Antisocial Networking Gets Hip
There's fun to be had between the flags in the choppy seas of sexuality
Hepburn tops 'most beautiful' list
Art treasures and the Gestapo: The casket, the Nazis and why the police came calling at the V&A

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