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old dog, new tricks

Maybe my maths is a little off but sushi rolls of $2.30 and $2.20 do not add up to $5 to my mind but she kept insisting five dorrar! five dorrar! like some cheap Vietnamese tart (qv South Park, lickey lickey love you long time). Hmph. First and last time I'll patronise that new sushi outlet. It might be a hike but at least Sushi Train doesn't rip me off. Not that I'm wild about sushi, but when I finally give into the hormonal munchies at least people find it very hard to get on their high horse about what I'm eating when it's raw fish and seaweed. Anything less and they feel they can offer comment on what I'm shoving into my mouth. At least that sort of public comment is not as upsetting as the men who scream abuse and spit at me from their cars when I walk home.

Happily, while doing my taxes I found an old xmas/birthday book voucher for $50 that had somehow gotten squirrelled away with all my receipts. Yes, my mother buys me cheap book vouchers, and worse, I'm one of those poor Capricorn bastards who get just the one present per year, which is always distressing when one's sibling gets more Xmas presents than you get for both events, combined - and thanks to Merrick & Rosso for championing that underdog and victim of tightarse parents, the poor Cap who gets the Xmas & Birthday present combined. And it's always crap. Why, even when I try to help buy suggesting volume one and two for the combined gift, guess which volume I get first? Nope, she can't even be bothered to look at the cover or rip the price tag off before she shoves it in a bag, if that. No, I'm not over it. No one ever gets over it, one merely becomes resigned to it. At least lately I can save up enough to buy that dvd I really want. One year she bought me a couple of scratchies, which, as Mikey Rollins acurately described, is the gift that says 'I don't care if you're alive or dead'. Hmph.

Anyways, I bought the first History of Britain book with it - something I actually want and like, though I'd prefer the dvd, though it's not released here, if it exists at all. I just love it when he gets that twinkle in his eye and you just know he's going to say something that's against the current right-thinking in British academia. So wicked. So naughty. So much fun.

I also found the perfect gift a friend has to have for Xmas. Much evil sniggering. Well, she started it, again, after years of truce on the whole gag gift wars. This is my return salvo and it is...very special. Heh. I always give people the gift they deserve J. At least it shows some imagination. Probably too much, but it practically leapt off the shelf at me.

I tried so hard and I failed again at work. I just can't make the grade. Everyone is smarter and faster than me. I wish I was back at my old job, I'd fit right in now, instead of being bored stupid. Maybe that's it, I was bored stupid and now it's too late. Old dog, new tricks, that sort of thing. On top of that I had to try and talk a dear friend down off the ledge via email, and I really don't have a good track record of success in that regard so I'm all upset because I'm sure I'll say the wrong thing when I'm trying so hard to say the right thing. I want to help, I want to be there, but there's an ocean between us - literally.

I've been called fat today more times than I can count. To the point of a co-worker marching me around the office several times to work off some of that lard, never mind I was struggling with writing a business proposal at the time. Xmas shopping has put me in serious arrears again, just when I'd nudged myself back into the black. Discovered people at home vehemently dislike Thai salads, which I love and I'm supposed to eat instead of that 50s stodge they love so well. More salad was tossed, really tossed, one could say thrown, than eaten. I shall just have to abstain from the evening meal as well or byo. More trouble, more expense. Was bitten by a cranky lorikeet. My book case fell over again. Some days it just doesn't pay to get out of bed.

Stargate: I dunno, maybe it's the Freddo I treated myself to, but I'm enjoying this. Sure it's another X Files ripoff, but unlike the rest of the planet I'm X Files nostalgic. And yeah, it's a sequel to one of my least liked episodes, but it's working for me this time around. All very B movie and pod peoplely. I mean, I've seen better but at least they're trying this year and it's actually working on some levels, so I'm going to go along with it, even though I know exactly what's going on already. This is classic X Files territory. And my angst over the lack of Jack/Daniel screen time is entirely moot, so there's nothing to do but sit back and enjoy.

Lock picking and motorcycle riding? Do I detect evidence of some past rebellion from Sam? I really like Sam in this. Snakealicious. Sure, Sam saves the day, but in an experienced officer way, not a god like being/Mary Sue way, and she smacks Jonas around for fun, so I love her again. You go, girl.

Law & Order: SVU (because we can't say sex crimes on US telly). There's my Munchie! Yay! There's Chris Melloni getting all tough and playing mean and I get the faintest whiff of Oz. Ooooh. Then me bad, cause in the ads I switch over to The Chaser Network News where people are beating up the Microsoft paperclip and telling it to fuck off. Back to L&O and more Munch. Meanwhile on CNNN gay scientists are trying to find the gene that turns people Christian. Snarf. Chortle. I shouldn't watch CNNN, it makes me feisty and say things that get up the nose of my American pals (for a mighty ball breaking Imperialist nation they sure get all pouty if you dare to mock their country, so I'll try to be on my best behaviour).

I'm wearing my new skirt today. Bought it for $10 yesterday in India Fox and it still smells all incensey (cue sitar music). It's a purpley blue, or grey, under yellow lights, straight down in a sort of jersey material with a darker band at the bottom and some lace sewn on as an afterthought. I like it. I needed something to cheer me up. It's kinda Tara-ish but I always used to dress like Tara, years before Tara, but then I got laughed at for being a Tara clone so I stopped, but I hate wearing polyster skirts and I can't code if my clothes are making me itch and if you're bigger than a size 0 you're pretty much doomed to the Tara wardrobe anyways. Good thing I like dressing like Tara. And besides, Tara was the only character left I didn't hate, until they killed her off. I miss Tara. So I'm wearing my Tara skirt (as opposed to my Tara King skirts I used to wear many moons ago). It's all good.

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